27 Sweet Ways to Make your Blog Posts Shine in the Crowded Online Space

It’s still kind of a shock, isn’t it?

Your blog is packed with the information your readers are hungry for. But it just doesn’t have that ‘pop’.

You know, that flare that draws attention from a distance…

And with so many other people dishing out content on the same topics, how will you ever show readers that your blog is worth their time?

I know that feeling. We have the desire to nurture our readers with valuable information. And we want to help them.

But how do we attract them?

I’m glad you asked.

Because I want to share with you 27 sweet ways that you can make your blog posts stand out. Adding these awesome elements to your blog will keep your readers delighted and running back for more.

So what am I suggesting?

Grab your pen and paper and let’s get started.

Have Unique High Quality Visuals

Put out only highly unique images that your readers are less likely to find on other blogs.

This creates more of an interest. You want your readers to have a great time on your blog! Half the fun of reading great content is having it accompanied by great visual images.

And believe it or not, people will think of your blog more just because you’re images weren’t boring them (and something they’ve already seen on 10 other blogs).

My favorite place to get images is UnSplash because they have a variety of free high quality images. This site also doesn’t make you jump through hoops to get them.

Write Strong Introductions

Yes, this matters. In fact it ranks right up there with having a compelling headline. If you tarry in getting straight to the point, readers can forget why they clicked on your blog and what the topic even was.

Don’t let this happen! It helps if you can build a strong connection to your readers right off the bat.

Pick a Unique Topic

Who says you have to be imprisoned to the “norm”? Where did you hear that? Make your blog stand out by covering topics that aren’t what you see left and right online everywhere already.

Be the one to dive deeper to touch on the things that not many other bloggers in your niche want to. This is a great way to set yourself apart.

Include Unknown Facts

Include interesting facts from credible sources. I’m sure you already do this, but it can refresh your readers when they learn new relevant facts that are less circulated in the blogging community.

Make Your Blog Welcoming

It’s awesome when you come across a blog that is so welcoming, filled with great information, but is also a fun experience.

Go all out and consider how people feel when they come onto your website and read your posts.

What will make your blog memorable? What will make it more welcoming?

Guide Your Readers

Set up your blog in a way that directs readers to what might interest and help them. What are the most popular posts? Where is a good place for new readers to start? Where are your most helpful resources?

Carol Tice does this well:

If you make these things easy to find, your readers will be more likely to stay. Because I know I’m not the only one that doesn’t stay long on a blog if it’s too hard to navigate.

This gives your audience an instant feel for what they can gain from your blog content long term.

Go Live!

Live webinars and podcasts are in no way outdated. As long as they are packed with great take away information that help your readers with the solution to their problems, go for it!

Taking 30 minutes each week to do live podcasts or webinars may not seem like a big deal or worthwhile to you, but what if it turned out to be what your readers love the most about your blog?

Giving your readers the ability to ask questions, comments, share thoughts, as well as get support helps them to engage with you. How many bloggers are relating to their readers in this way? Not too many I know of.

Write For a Targeted Audience

Your looking for long-term readers, right?

Right. So make sure that you write for a targeted audience. It can be confusing to see bloggers become inconsistent with the type of content they publish…hair care products, then exercise tips, then another week it’s how to make extra money online.

If you blog as hobby this is fine, but if your in business you should never do this. Your readers need to know what to expect. So have a proven track record for bringing consistent relevant content to them.

Go in Depth on Topics

Based on the topic you are covering, it isn’t always necessary to go in depth. But in other cases it can be extremely helpful and the determining factor of whether your readers can actually take away something valuable.

If you know your audience real well it becomes easier to understand what is most helpful to them.

For instance, if you’ve written a post on the top 5 technology tools that help busy entrepreneurs to be more productive, not only do you want to list what those tools are, but include why and how these are the “top”tools.

Make sure it’s not just another list. Cover what your readers will be asking themselves:

  • How does this apply to me?
  • How exactly does it work?
  • What’s the cost?
  • If it work’s for other busy entrepreneurs, are there case studies or testimonials to show proof of that?

It doesn’t have to be super long. But readers will be more likely to look into your recommendations if you address their questions clearly and directly in your content piece.

Remember that you’re helping the reader solve their problem. This includes helping them to make the best choice given the information you provide.

Offer Inspiration to your Readers

People are looking to find help, tips, advice, resources and other great things on your site.

But you know what else will make them smile?

When you encourage them and they leave your site feeling refreshed… like they now have the best tools to fix their problem. We all have a lot going on everyday: Stress, joy, happiness, pain, and lots of responsibilities.

Have you ever considered creating little sweet moments for your reader that will make them feel refreshed in their life? Think of ways you can inspire them to be better.

Not just in the workplace but in their personal lives. Come across as someone who cares about the type of dad, mother, sister, and friend they are. Inspire them to give, and make a difference in other people’s lives (and you lead the way while inviting them to join in). Be creative!

Take a look at an example I really like from a children’s book author named Maria Dismonday.

She made a video that talks about goal setting on her site’s Inspiration Day. It was just a couple of minutes long but it makes for a great opportunity for her readers and followers to connect with her.

Readers appreciate being able to see the person behind your great blog. And they enjoy the tid-bits of information about who you are as well as your morals, goals, inspirations, hobbies, and what you’re like as a person.

It can help draw them in because people like to connect with people.

Create Q&A Posts

As you position yourself as a thought leader and go-to source for great information, be ready to take on more questions from your readers.

Create a Q&A blog post or resource center. Jazz it up and make it interesting. Present it in a way that isn’t dull and boring. This could be regarding your niche, OR it could be about you.

Provide Maximum Engagement

I love what Sophie Lizard does on her blog. Every three months her readers look forward to PitchFest.

This is a contest she holds that challenges her readers to pitch better and to submit their best pitches to her site. It’s a ton of fun because the winners get cash prizes, a mentoring session, and their articles get publishing on her blog! But that’s not the best part.

She takes the time to read and respond to every single pitch her readers send in and critiques them all. So even if you don’t win, you still get valuable feedback on your pitch!

Engaging Email Campaigns

I’m sorry if this comes out a little tough, but do you ramble on when you email your “list”? If you build up a solid reputation of delivering the information, tools and resources to your audience that THEY care about, you can more easily win them over.

After all, getting their email address is only the tip of the iceberg. You still have to keep those subscribers. It’s hard work, but make each email they open a pleasant surprise. Not just something they open, scan through in 4 seconds and think, Ahh, this is just more junk…

Interview Thought Leaders and Experts

People are always ready to pay attention to the latest news from experts on whatever topic matters to them. So this is a great way to gain your readers’ attention.

And if your content is good and thorough, your readers will probably be more likely to share it.

Error Free Please

Make sure to go through your work and edit it more than once. We all make grammar and spelling errors here and there but you don’t want to be known for consistently doing this. It turns readers off quickly.

Make your Site the “Go-To” Site

Give your readers a good reason not to go anywhere else. If you don’t want them spending more time on your competitor’s site, make your site the best out there. Here are some suggestions:

  • Create How-To posts
  • Create a resource center
  • Create helpful list posts
  • Offer valuable information for free when you can (and don’t charge for every piece of information you give out)
  • Offer free checklists, printable PDFs and templates that will help your readers (relevant to your niche of course)
  • Provide valuable high quality information

It also can be helpful to examine what others are doing who experience good results. Don’t copy them directly, just analyze and create a unique way to use the same techniques.

Give Relevant Updates

Stay on top of news updates relevant to your niche that will impact your readers. Be the first to deliver it in your posts (if you can within the first 3 days for sure).

It helps your readers, and you appear more credible.

Make your Content Easy to Scan

Okay, none if us want our readers scanning our content. We want them to read it! :)

But the truth is, it happens. So make it easy for them. If you don’t, it’ll only be more frustrating to them.

Write in a Conversational Tone and Style

When your speaking to an audience through a blog, this is one of the best things you can do.

Articles, journals, and newspapers are formal. But blogging offers a fun and laid back way to deliver information to your readers (in most cases).

So take advantage of that and inject your personality and a bit of humor. Try to practice writing in a similar way as you would talk. It’s easier to connect with an author that writes in a way that makes you feel she’s your best friend.

Base Your Information On Facts

When you bring forth information, make sure to state the source. It’s good to include at least 2–3 links in each of your posts to support your topic.

People do care about where you got your information. When you quote credible sources, it boosts your credibility.

Write Clear Powerful Headlines

You must be able to come up with great headlines if you want to keep attracting new readers to your blog. And thankfully there are many sites out there that analyze how compelling your headline is.

I use Sharethrough as a way to test the headlines I plan to use. And honestly, it helps a ton. It gives you feedback on how to make your headline stronger. It’s very easy to use, and it’s FREE.

Once I test out different headlines, I see which ones works best and the go with it.

Offer Meaningful Freebies

We all like free stuff, right? …Of course!

So why not add something free and valuable to your new (and even old) readers. Yes, you can do this as lead magnet to get new subscribers. But I’m also talking about other ways as well.

Hold contests and challenges that invite readers to become involved in your blog community. There are some businesses that do this, but not a lot. And the ones that do end up sticking our minds more because we it’s such a unique approach and we had a blast.

Just like working in an office, it’s enjoyable when every now and then we put the more “serious” stuff aside and have a little fun.

Value your Readers Before Making Sales

When you value your readers, it shows. When you blog just to make more sales and could care less who stays or goes, that shows too.

Show your readers you care about them. When have you ever sent personalized emails to your readers just to say thanks. Just to reach out…(and not because they just bought something).

We all have our business goals, but if we value the sale more than the customer I think we are walking backwards.

Do you genuinely care about how your readers overcome their struggles in life? And if the answer if yes, what actions do you take to help them and show them how much you care?

Offer Guest Posts on your Blog

Offering others to guest post on your blog can be a nice way to create variety. It can also help your readers if they are inspirational success stories.

Only Write When you Have a Well Pulled Together Post

This is not a rule, but something I highly recommend. While it’s great to have a content plan and publishing schedule, don’t fall for the idea that “just getting your work out there” is best if all you’re putting out is low quality work.

In other words, don’t publish content just for the sake of publishing it.

Make sure that each post has value that will ‘WOW’ your readers each time.

Update your Old Content

When you come across new information, facts, or resources on topics you’ve covered in the past, go back and update your old posts. Then make sure to share them on social media. Make sure to let your readers know in the heading that it has been updated.

Have Fun and Most All Be Creative

By all means, this is not the complete list of ways to make your blog shine and stand out. But it does give you a good start, I think. The point I want to drive home is that creativity stands out. So be creative!

Come up with even better ideas. It’s an evolving process, but deciding to start is the first step to making your blog shine in the online world.

I hope that you’ve gotten some great ideas for your blog. Feel free to let me know which tips you found most helpful. And make sure to post comments, questions, or your thoughts. I would love to hear!

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