Future Energy or Zero Point Energy, the hot secret in the new Wikileaks leaked Hillary’s mails, ETI and what the Pope’s hiding in the Vat.

In fact, the ZPE theory is around for over 100 years and we are talking about some really high energy intensities. Einstein’s protagonist John Wheeler, calculated that there is more than enough energy in a cup of coffee to evaporate the worlds oceans! Nowadays some physicists say there’s no limit to the intensity of the energy and therefore the frequency, but the majority still says that we’re limited by what’s known as the Planck frequency, which is about 1043 hertz and if the intensity of the energy is limited precisely to the Planck frequency, that still implies an energy density of 110 orders of magnitude greater than the radiant energy from the center of the sun. Huge!

If zero-point energy is the next big thing, then vehicles capable of some astonishing things are predicted to come about.

For example, 1,200-seat hypersonic airliners that fly at 100 mile altitudes as far as 12,000 miles in a mere 70 minutes, 12.6 hour trips to the moon, 7 days to mars… pretty fast future is coming!

At least two large aerospace companies and one U.S. Defense Dept. agency are betting that zero-point energy could be the next breakthrough in aerospace vehicle propulsion. According to John E. Allen, a consultant to BAE Systems, a breakthrough could come about within a decade or two.

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