The Human Experience

It was dark, I sensed a presence and then there was no time, life’s clock had stopped ticking! All at once, I saw the past/ present/ future all in one bubble of consciousness. As I cross the junction, a white truck coming fast from the side… Everything slowed down in a tight silence but my thoughts were clear… I saw every atom of my breath coming out and forming shapes in the air. I looked at the passersby; everything seemed suspended, iced up. But somehow, I felt surprisingly great! I wanted it to continue, somehow I was kind of ready for it and in a blink of a mili-second I was dispatched upwards like a rocket!

I felt a pleasant sense of peace; it was meditational. Then I entered an endless white corridor and felt nothing but words coming in and out of me like a recurring dream of a dream within a dream within another dream. When I am trying to say something, a gel fills my mouth and almost simultaneously, I am falling into another dream and another dream… I felt helpless that there is no ground and I fall from one field to another without any resistance whatsoever. There was no-one to say the word to wake me up from it till I got launched outside of the white corridor into a non-sensual field, like a unit of consciousness wandering in space.

After a period, which seemed to last a billion years, the space around me formed into 360 degrees theater with floating screens all around and projecting “movies” all at once. I watched people’s lives from beginning to end in tiny episodes like it was downloading into my consciousness. I sensed Anger, pressure, multitasking, frustration, lack of intimacy, dark energy, super happy walking fools, feisty desires, chaotic sexual desires, loneliness, masturbation with computers, drug addictions, Ruthless bullies, Creativity, disappointments, citizens of good news, more work, less love, Mental deficiency, and other weird feelings. The combined effect of these feelings lead to my complete breakdown, but I also felt an awakening compassion washing everything in a big wave of Love.

The truck passed an inch from my face and I stood up trembling, eyes close, without a scratch. I opened my eyes and noticed an old woman walking fast towards me shivering and yelling hoarsely

“She is a witch!!! She is a witch!! Haven’t you seen the car passed through her and she still alive?! She is a witch!!!”

I ran away terrified by everything that just happened. I sensed a presence surrounding me and I increased the pace of my run, staggering from side to side. I felt like I could communicate with this strange presence I felt around me. So I asked the presence, “Is it true what the old woman just said?” I only got silence from the presence and I kept running like a drunk.

Suddenly, I heard a whisper, the message it carried was faint as the wind blew over my ears. I had to stop to hear it, I dived onto a pile of garbage and covered myself to hide, then the whisper became audible enough for me to hear, I heard

“there is a very unique secret that will make you wish to die”.

I was shaken into a vertigo of a lifetime, the whisper continued,

“There are three clues and the 4th is the secret, the next four people you’ll talk with will tell you, choose carefully the 4th one!”

And the presence left.

I felt a weird feeling of loneliness without the presence. My phone rang, stabbing my slack consciousness back to reality. It was my Mom! “Shit!” I answered screaming “Why are you calling??” and my Mom answered assertively,

“People need love the most when they ‘deserve’ it the least. I’ll talk to you when you will stop being rude to your Mother”

And she hung up.

I peeled off the garbage bags and a dirty looking guy came towards me and helped me stand up and said,

“Tomorrow it’s a new day, we don’t keep nothing for the dead”.

I nodded and walked away, after two steps I noticed the motherfucker took my phone I turned back in anger and the guy was not there. I couldn’t care less.

Completely confused, I walked back to the junction where that entire thing happened and saw the white truck at the dead center of the junction. I looked at my hands, “Am I alive or dead, what the fuck is going on?” and my phone rang, it was in my damn pocket! This time, an unknown number was calling. I have one more clue and the 4th is the secret, let’s get over with this.

“Yes,” I said to the void

Deep choir of males on the other side

“It is your wild incarnation and you as all of them, came to us from the dark side of the Bar”

“what did you say?” I answered vigorously

“You leave your body or you leave your body to us, your choice”

The phone fell from my hands and I dropped to my knees and cried… The white truck was still at the center of the Junction, it was dark and nobody was around. I was weeping; I knew I was dead or something…

I heard a noise and saw the driver door of the white truck open up and a gorgeous woman putting on a red dress stepped out. My eyes widened and the tears dried. I was sure I had a smile on my face and it was surreal! She walked towards me; I couldn’t move, talk or feel. There was no time… The only thought I had was the last whisper of the presence,

“Choose carefully the 4th one”.

As she smiles, I saw another person coming out of the white truck, it was my Dad, he saw me and started running after the woman,

“Don’t listen to her, Elizabeth!!! shut your ears!! Don’t listen”

But, I did

“tHe bEsT HuMaN ExPeRiEnCe yOu wIlL EvEr hAvE Is tO DiE!”