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How to spend $200,000 in vain

Mar 22, 2018 · 3 min read
The ability to earn big money does not go hand in hand with the ability to spend them wisely

Learning about this publication, I, as usual, experienced mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am very glad that the fight against ageing finally broke out of the world of science fiction and entered our life. The global changes in healthcare is becoming more and more evident. 2017 in many ways was a tipping point: for the first time not only researchers, but also well-known politicians and economists (for example, Alexei Kudrin) spoke about the fight against ageing and regenerative medicine. So far, only in words and in scientific publications, but this is already a lot! However, there is still a huge gap between scientific publications and a real life. And it’s great that more and more people are not just talking about the fight against ageing, but are making real steps in this direction.

On the other hand, the quality of these popular articles and steps is usually very low (and when was they high?) And has nothing to do with either regenerative medicine or rejuvenation. Many of them do more harm than good because they marginalize an already bad reputation of a very important and necessary direction of research. In general, no enemy is more dangerous than a bad ally.

Alas, the revelation of Faguet was no exception. Alas, because a person with his finances could really change a lot and make a huge real (and in some cases a crucial) contribution to the fight against the number one enemy of mankind. His example once again confirms the well-known rule: the ability to earn big money does not go hand in hand with the ability to spend them wisely. And usually they are rarely found in one person. They also missed each other in Faguet.

Officially and honestly, I say that Faguet spent his $ 200,000 in vain. It would have been better if he had spent them on a round-the-world trip to Antarctica and equatorial rainforests, he would seen all the beauty of our world. His physical and emotional health would have brought much more benefit. And of course he would put them in the rejuvenation biotechnology, like Vitalik Buterin, because no current medicine, not to mention all sorts of diets, calorie restriction and diets that mimic calorie restriction, dietary supplements, antioxidants, geroprotectors, exercises and other lifestyle (we will call them pseudo-rejuvenating technologies) — in short, everything that fascinated Faguet is incapable of rejuvenating the human body even for a month.

Why did I personally get so touched by this whole story? Many people say: don’t count other people’s money. My parents used to say that to me all the time. And now I know why — they did not want me to count their money, which they spent hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars on various useless junk. For only several cars my father has spent at least half a million dollars. They never once invested money in anything useful, they were not at all worried about their future or mine. Needles to say that with this approach they went bankrupt very soon and their property was arrested?

Famous British physicist David Deutsch said a very good phrase: the real truth exists. And here the truth is that there are objectively bad, wrong and objectively good, right ways to spend money. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to count other people’s money (especially when they are not so other’s money, for example, your family’s money or paid taxes, and if someone tells you that it’s wrong, think about whether you have a family or a country?). Because our common future hugely depends on of how people spend their money.

In today’s world, $200,000 is large money, a couple of qualified engineers in a small laboratory can conduct a unique research, which ten years ago needed millions of dollars and whole scientific institutions. Spent wisely, they can bring tremendous benefits.

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Ariel VA Feinerman

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Researcher, author, perfomer, I believe people should not die from diseases and ageing. My main goal is to improve human health and achieve immortality.

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