Humanity’s Golden Triangle

The three largest challenges facing humanity

Focus, people!

It shocks, surprises and saddens us that in 2018, humanity remains mired in backwards, harmful forces that we should have long laid to rest and evolved past. Among them:

Hatred — Identity based inequality and discrimination, xenophobia

Violence — Armed conflicts, terror, shootings, bullying, abuse

Segregation — Us v Them. Borders of any kind between people are silly

To fuel our collective ADD in dealing with these issues, we have lots of…

Frivolity — Huxleyan dystopia drowning in selfies and celebrity news noise

Manipulation — Media manipulation to sell us products and ideologies that keep us producing and consuming for the benefit of very few large and powerful entities

If we were to focus and drill down to root causes behind all that ails us in the world, we would reach the following conclusion:

The myriad of individual challenges facing the world fall into 3 areas: Resources, Wellness and Purpose


Our governmental and corporate systems are designed to regulate the distribution of resources while exacting a heavy cut off the top for the key actors in this hegemony. They are designed to hoard resources and multiply wealth at the uppermost tiers of society, on an exponential scale.

There are abundant resources for every human on Earth


We are sicker than ever and financial incentives are unfortunately aligned to keeping us sick, substance dependent, working our tails off to stay alive but far from healthy. The key to unlocking our physical wellness is first addressing our mental wellness.

Mental wellness is the key to physical wellness

Social media preys upon and amplifies depression and negative mental states, replacing socializing, what was meant to be a restorative and protective human concept with isolation.

Gun violence is but a symptom of the root cause-our failure to appropriately address mental wellness in society.


This is the artist formerly known as “work.” In the last 200 post-industrial years, “jobs” have reduced humans to commoditized cogs in a machine. Advances in technology and automation have created a crisis of purpose as we no longer need to trap humans in jobs to keep society alive and humming along.

There’s a lot of talk about basic income as a solution to job loss via automation but providing for a person’s basic needs doesn’t satisfy their need for purpose.

A human needs to do and stand for something when they wake up each morning so basic income must come with basic purpose

You have to solve 2 corners to solve the third

You need wellness and resources to optimize purpose
You need purpose and wellness to optimize resources
You need resources and purpose to optimize wellness

You have to solve the corners here both on the micro and macro level; these principles apply to the individual as well as to society as a whole.

The challenge here is that we have gotten to the point where purpose is seen as an individual concern whereas wellness and resources have been consolidated in large institutions. These institutions that were designed to protect the rights of the individual are at best ignoring and at worst exploiting the individual.

Individuals need agency over resources, wellness and purpose to replace nation-states and institutions with networks of sovereign individuals

In the coming months, I will delve deeper into the various corners of the golden triangle and explore relationships between them. For now, it serves as a framework and a lens with which to see and fix the world.