I removed social media from my new phone

…and you’ll never guess what happened next

Social media. We love it. We hate it. We love to hate it. It’s addictive af because it taps into laws of our human evolutionary history and neurology that we are nearly powerless over. I got a new mobile phone and decided to try an experiment — Leave my social accounts on the old phone and keep the new phone free of social media apps.

Can a two-phone approach to social media usage work for me?

Here’s how that experiment is going…

I can hear my thoughts again

and they are more interesting than any content on social media. Ideas, mental puzzles I’m working out, realizations I reach and more are flowing through my mind again uninterrupted.

No more restless fiddling

I don’t have to fill my quiet moments between daily life events with relentless checking on recipes my friends cooked or vacations they went on that look better than mine.

I’m off the dopamine treadmill altogether

I no longer feel compelled to comment on a friend’s content to load the next trigger for my next dopamine hit.

My communication is more purposeful

Not just my digital communication but my in person communication too. There’s more time and calm to formulate my thoughts. I have more mental capacity And elasticity for thought-out, longer form content…like this post.

I prefer the genie back in the bottle

All things in moderation and a time for every purpose.

I haven’t quit social media and didn’t #deletefacebook. I didn’t #hashtaganything. I didn’t swing dance when it was in vogue and I don’t do trends. I still publish to social channels, I’m simply more mindful about it.

If I have something to share with social media, I grab my second phone out of the drawer and I use it. Then I put it away. It’s a tool in my life not a central tent pole.

I’m still figuring out the rules

Is twitter considered social media or a work tool?

How many times a day do I teach for the second “social” phone?

Do I only publish or do I troll my friends’ feeds?

Will I get desperate enough to go back to LinkedIn? (Ha not bloody likely — that place is a noisy, thirsty, cesspool)

I have no idea…

I don’t have all the answers and I’m still figuring out the rules and my personal boundaries. I’m also not huge on telling everybody about my new lifestyle choices — except when I got into CrossFit …and that 3 ish months when I went vegan (felt good but I need dead animal)

For now it feels good and I will keep you updated on progress.