Product lessons from the “General Magic” documentary

Study the past if you would define the future — Confucius

…and you’ll never guess what happened next

Social media. We love it. We hate it. We love to hate it. It’s addictive af because it taps into laws of our human evolutionary history and neurology that we are nearly powerless over. I got a new mobile phone and decided to try an experiment — Leave my social accounts on the old phone and keep the new phone free of social media apps.

Can a two-phone approach to social media usage work for me?

I can hear my thoughts again

and they are more interesting than any content on social media. Ideas, mental puzzles I’m working out, realizations…

A gratitude list

the person who said this was too mature to take credit for it :)

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a certain maturity has set into me. When I say few years, I probably mean decade but we don’t tend to recognize trends until they grow to some kind of crescendo. Don’t get me wrong, I still love concocting a well crafted practical joke. I still have a 6th grader’s sense of humor at times — but along with the thinning hair and harder to manage belly, here are some things I am fantastically overjoyed about (in no particular order)

Some people just make you happy

It’s simple as hell. It could be an old friend…

The three largest challenges facing humanity

Focus, people!

It shocks, surprises and saddens us that in 2018, humanity remains mired in backwards, harmful forces that we should have long laid to rest and evolved past. Among them:

Hatred — Identity based inequality and discrimination, xenophobia

Violence — Armed conflicts, terror, shootings, bullying, abuse

Segregation — Us v Them. Borders of any kind between people are silly

To fuel our collective ADD in dealing with these issues, we have lots of…

Frivolity — Huxleyan dystopia drowning in selfies and celebrity news noise

Manipulation — Media manipulation to sell us products and ideologies that…

Did you make SENSE or miss out?

The SENSE token main sale just ended and we are so grateful to all the participants for their support. We’ve hit our hard cap and had an incredible outpouring of excitement from a community that showed up from around the world to make SENSE with us.

Thank you for your support!

So why was this token sale different from all other token sales?

We were sensible

As a 3.5 year old, venture backed company, we undertook this journey with the full support of our board and stakeholders. …

What does that even mean?

An Odd Question

In a post-Thanksgiving coma feeling both a little sleepy and a lot thankful, I checked in with my Facebook to wish my friends for the holiday. As soon as I popped open the app, this very odd question took over my screen. Do I think “Facebook is good for the world?”

Hmmm…It’s complicated

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The original use case for Facebook the product is pretty solid. I like seeing what kind of stuffing others had at their Thanksgiving table. In moderation, it’s a fun hobby assuming I’m not using it as a proxy for grappling with sadness…

We hosted a lively AMA on Telegram on October 2nd to field your SENSE questions in real time and continue demystifying the SENSE token presale and sale. We’ve put together a few highlights as a reference.

Sensay Team in attendance of the October 2nd Telegram AMA

RE: On-platform usage

Any example of on-platform usage that requires SENSE token as a payment? What is an example of “exclusive on-platform usage”?

Ariel Jalali: The best example of exclusive on-platform usage is provided in the whitepaper in the Day 1 functionality section. Knowledge attribution and knowledge access for data that originated on Github.

The platform is on a simple application basis?

Ariel Jalali: At a high…

Why are these still a thing

Discrimination against anyone, based on anything

Cruelty towards any living thing, based on anything

Fundamentalism believe what you want but don’t assault us with it

Killing (of yourself, others, a whole race, for any reason…) just don’t

Nuclear weapons anyone you launch em at can defend against them, Wiley

Countries early humans walked and sailed across this earth to populate it

Politics comes with the countries and even more useless

Homelessness we live on a round, beautiful, spacious, planet

Hunger we live on a round, beautiful, abundant, planet

Greed haven’t we learned that we won’t be happy while some are…

Why and how Sensay built the private tribe

Hacking at The White House

My interest in foster care kindled when I was invited by the Pritzker Foster Care Initiative to speak on a technology panel in LA to brainstorm ways we could leverage the latest technologies to create positive outcomes.

Foster care in the US needs major help. It’s an issue that has cascading impacts on our society. Some stats on foster youth:

25% become homeless within 2–4 years of “aging out” of system

3% or fewer graduate college

50% will be unemployed at age 24

25% have PTSD (similar to combat vets)

It was a wonderful panel but as a startup founder…

A Resounding Success


It started with an idea: If a hackathon can produce functional mobile and web apps in the timespan of a weekend, then surely we can build some kickass bots in the same timeframe. Since bots have lower production complexity than mobile apps and great bot frameworks exist, maybe the bots hacked together over a weekend would even surpass the apps. So, the Botathon was born.

You can hack a better bot than a mobile or web app over a weekend

Ariel Jalali

win by helping others win

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