The Wedding Markup is Real, But Here’s Why I Don’t Mind Paying It
Jessica Tom

OK, if you want to spend more than you normally would because you’re thinking, “It’s my wedding and then there’s no cap I can place on the most important day of my life,” that’s your choice. But don’t buy into the claims that wedding things are made better and so are worth the higher price. What you say about wedding dresses being true couture is false at most bridal shops. That’s something I learned — not as a bride, when I borrowed a cousin’s dress that really was custom made for her with $200 a yard lace — a few years ago when I read “Bridal Bargains,” a book cited here The dresses in most salons are ordered from abroad where they are cut en masse and sewn by cheap labor. That’s why you have to allow so much time for them to be made and still need alterations afterwards. True, you can have a gown really custom made, just as you can have any dress really custom made, and pay for top quality materials and sewing. But that’s not what most bridal salons are selling.

Along with “Bridal Bargains,” I highly recommend reading “One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding.” See

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