Will AR Help Bridge the Gap in Spatial Intelligence?

  • Spatial intelligence is associated with higher performance in STEM subjects, especially math.
  • Boys typically outperform girls on tests of mental rotation included in most IQ tests.
  • There is evidence that early spatial ability predicts a young child’s reading skills.
  • Physically manipulating 3D objects in structured block play, e.g., building a vehicle from Legos, is associated with increased spatial intelligence.
  • Playing certain 3D 1st person shooter video games has been shown to improve spatial skills.
  1. Learn to follow step by step/page by page/number by number instructions, with each incremental step building on what came before.
  2. Match the individual pieces pictured at the top of the page with similarly shaped and colored objects contained in the box. Find the correct number of each shape.
  3. Place each object in the correct location; this is often a multi-step process and requires that you rotate the piece so that it lines up in the correct orientation.
  4. If you reach a point where you can no longer carry out the instructions, you have to backtrack through the pages, deconstructing your model and learning where you deviated from the instructions.



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Ariella J Lehrer

Ariella J Lehrer

I am an experienced game executive with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, writing about new technology and games.