I’ve got this real, wild love, you see.

I found it along the way when I lost myself — in a man who’s still finding himself.

It’s the most beautiful, and at the same time scariest aspect of my life, and also the best thing that’s ever made its way into it.

Neither of us know how to love, except we do — so, so much and we’re learning more and growing more together, stronger, with every passing second we share.

But it’s wild. And I mean wild.

And it’s twisted, because I have my days where I just can’t get it together. Yet, he somehow holds it all. He holds his own, he holds us; he holds me. He’s the glue that mends my shattered pieces. He’s found a way to graze my every rough edge with the tip of his fingers, and love them through every cut they may leave.

He’s everything.

He’s learning my flaws, and learning to love them — all while teaching me to love them, myself.

It’s beautiful because I melt at the sound of his voice first thing in the morning, awakening to his gaze through sleepy, emerald eyes that have been waiting for mine to open, so they can lock. I melt, and want to fall to my knees when his hands wrap around my waist, fitting to T as if they were made for me. And it’s only me, and him. It’s us in the middle of no where, watching the sun rise and the seats kicked back in my car. It’s us intertwined on a blanket in front of the fire, its freezing outside and he can’t ever keep his hands off me. Its us on the floor in the kitchen, drunk with tears falling down my face because life just fucking sucks sometimes.

But he just holds me in his arms, and listens to my every word because he gets it. He gets me when I don’t even get me.

And it’s scary… oh my god it’s so scary because I went from never even believing that soulmates really existed, to just finding mine. Literally, out of the sky, fell into me. Hit me like a truck. And somedays I feel that impact and rush all over again. I have a love that I don’t want to lose, and I don’t want it to leave my life. And at the same time, I know that it won’t. But with being so young, and so sure of and secure with another being is something I’ve never experienced, especially not in this sense. I love this love, so much it that it hurts me.

It’s the best pain I’ve ever felt.

I’m so here, with no plans or intentions to go anywhere else in this world without him by my side.

This love is so strong; it’s fire burns with passion and energy from such vibrations within, and if it did happen to die out, the scars that’d remain would be unable to heal.

I’m wild, with a vicious, and nonstop mind.

But that man… he catches up.

And his efforts help to tame me, still letting me run — always there with open arms when I grow tired, and run myself ragged.

He carries me home.