Sales: A Feature Film

One of the greatest sales tricks ever pulled takes place in movie theaters.

Directors, producers, and actors encourage the suspension of disbelief and pulls movie goers into whatever fantastical world is playing out on the screen -- immersing them in an idea.

It carries over, even after the end credits, as you saunter out to your car, feeling like a superhero after watching Wonder Woman or putting 2Pac on Spotify after seeing All Eyez On Me.

Regardless of how you arrived to the theater -- maybe annoyed with the price of tickets and concessions -- once those lights turn off, you're transported somewhere else.

And despite your annoyance with $15 popcorn, you stay.

The greatest of salespeople are like the star actors of this movie. You meet prospects from all walks of life, who have every preconceived notion of what you're about to do to them.

You have them in your theater.

The disbelief they have in whatever you're slinging, or salespeople in general, you suspend.

You immerse them in your pitch. Transport them. And they stay.

Because like the movie producer, you sold them on an idea, and like the actors in the movie, on yourself.

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