I’m staring at a giant leaf.

Gosh, it must be four feet long and it’s the brightest green as the sun streams against it. It looks like something out of Jurassic Park and now I’m thinking about the evolution of plants. Until now, I’ve never really thought about how many thousands (more?) of varieties of plants exist and how incredibly amazing it is that the planet has evolved this way. The world has evolved and in doing so, has offered us breathtaking views and scenery. That is awesome.

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A few days ago a friend of mine told me that there’s a vineyard in Greece where the vines have remained in tact without any root rot for hundreds of years, so people are picking grapes off of the exact same plants from over 200 years ago. !!!

Earlier this week, my husband and I ventured into a jungle oasis of growing coffee beans, cinnamon, red ginger, and cocoa beans and ended up drinking a cup of coffee made from beans that were eaten by adorable animals (the Asian civet), partially digested and then defecated. Yes, you read that right. The world is a wondrous place.

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For the past 3 weeks, I’ve truly come to appreciate swimming pools. It’s not that I didn’t like them before, just that I never really saw the appeal, especially while traveling and wanting to be out and about, seeing everything there is to see in a new country. I have learned. Nothing is more satisfying than spending all day walking in the hot, humid air, sweating through everything you are wearing, wiping away beads of sweat from your forehead constantly, feeling the ache that comes from really using all of the muscles in your body… and then sliding into a cool pool. Ahhhh.

I’m a newfound advocate of pools.

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I’ve come to realize that I really like being awoken by the sun streaming onto my face. It’s such a good reminder: ‘There’s a day to experience now. Here it is!’ *SUN IN FACE*

Yesterday, a little white dog appeared, walking alongside us on our way to a yoga class. He stuck with us the whole way (6 minutes or so down the street), weaving through motorbikes and people and hustle and bustle. When we turned off the main road to walk down a long and curvy alley way to our class, he followed suit. We arrived for our yoga class, went into the studio, and forgot about our travel companion.

After class, while we were sitting at the cafe next to the studio, we spotted our canine friend peacefully napping in the shade.

I’m still not sure if we led him to a beautiful new hangout spot, or if he was our guide the whole time…

^ This is me in travel mode. I pay attention. I appreciate every view, every interaction, everything new. Every moment is a delightful story.

I wrote this last week while I was in Bali, and now being home in Philadelphia, I’m holding onto this mindset with all of my might.

I just spotted a guy walking down the streets wearing the COOLEST black and white patterned pants. The sky is the brightest blue today and you can tangibly feel spring in the air. I’m sitting at my cozy neighborhood coffee shop and an aspiring artist just asked me what I thought of her drawing. And that’s all from the past 5 minutes!

When I’m in travel mode, I spend my days in constant gratitude, in wonder, open to what’s next. That’s the kind of life I want every day, not just while I’m traveling, and all it takes is maintaining this mindset.

I challenge you to enjoy the rest of your day in travel mode!

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