I’m staring at a giant leaf.

Gosh, it must be four feet long and it’s the brightest green as the sun streams against it. It looks like something out of Jurassic Park and now I’m thinking about the evolution of plants. Until now, I’ve never really thought about how many thousands (more?) of varieties of plants exist and how incredibly amazing it is that the planet has evolved this way. The world has evolved and in doing so, has offered us breathtaking views and scenery. That is awesome.

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A few days ago a friend of mine told me that there’s a vineyard in Greece where the vines have remained in tact without any root rot for hundreds of years, so people are picking grapes off of the exact same plants from over 200 years ago. …

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This is a love story about slowing down.

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about these days. In a world where we are constantly connected, it seems like there’s so much to see, know, read and learn at any given time. We’re moving fast, doing everything at once. Filling our time with more and trying to becoming efficient at the same time — to what end and purpose? Sometimes, I really feel so disconnected from it all.

So, I’ve been reconnecting to something different.

I’m reconnecting to presence. To the joyful experiences in our lives. To gratitude to what we have, not frustration for what we don’t have. …

I’ve always found myself deep in the details.

Some have called it overthinking, some have called it getting lost in the details, though I’ve always found so much value in thinking and reflecting down to the smallest of details.

As a copy editor (talk about getting deep into the details!) in my high school and college newspapers, I made sure each and every comma was in its proper place and the right words were consistently capitalized every time. Why? So our readers were engrossed in a story without mishaps to distract them.

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Any copy editors out there? How satisfying are these red pen marks?! :)

As I’m packing for a weekend trip to the beach, I think about every single moment of what that experience will be like and what I’ll need to ensure a comfortable and happy time. Why? So I can fully enjoy the experience.


Arielle Tannenbaum

Community at @Buffer. Designer of experiences. Lover of vegetables, yoga, dance, cooking & green things. Exploring through life & living mindfully.

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