Not sure what you expect us to do, stay silent in the shadows and praise our Niantic overlords for…
Sergio Mattei Díaz

Sorry but I never said that you guys have to stay silent and praise anyone. Calling them overlords is over reaching, emotionally charged and so is all this talk about failing/ruining their own game. Your beloved game is made by them and I’m sure they love it as much. You conveniently leave out the blatant fact that you guys use an unapproved API in your response. It’s not even a local server checking spawns near your home. Your PokeVision is on a large scale and has ADVERTISEMENTS.

I said that you should not give them more bad press as in ‘omg they are not listening, they shut pokevision down, oh they dont care about users’. Please, they are working on the fix for the in game tracker, not shutting it down completely for good. Their developers are hard at work just like us and if not more, they’re working crazy hours trying to scale and fix all these issues. It’s clear from their own words and your response just shows that you approach this from a less understanding perspective and more of oh look i’m a victim.

If you love the game, then support it and ask/wait for the in game tracker fix, or an OFFICIAL API.

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