The Evolution of Rally Games

Well,games have been a huge part of my life especially rally games,the first rally games i play is Sega Rally.Sega Rally is an arcade racing games released in 1994,often considered a huge jump on racing games genre,because it has three different kinds of road,and the handling between the road also give different feedback to the cars.The first time i played this game is when i’m about 6 years old,on an IBM laptop with Pentium 2 processor,128 MB RAM,and 1 GB hard drive with Windows 98 as OS.Since that,i play games a lot.Oh right,you can also play this game split screen with your friend.I often play this game with my uncle,and my brother.It’s very fun to play together on this game.

Sega Rally

Next is Sega Rally 2,Sega Rally 2 is a huge improvement from the first installment for graphics,handling,and types of car.As you can see from the picture below,you will notice the car is covered with dust because the game played on gravel and this game is released in 1998 and the graphics of this game is stunning for a game released before 2000!

Sega Rally 2

Next is WRC Rally Evolved,is actually the fifth installment of WRC series games,it features random event which creates random hazards while player still racing.The first time i played this game is when i was 10 years old.I played this game on Playstation 2.I like the management stuff on this game,like managing our time when cars need repair,money to buy cars and other stuff.This game has great career mode,features Super2000,WRC,Group B, and Rallycross. Even though it’s often frustrates me because of the difficulty this game.

WRC Rally Evolved

Next is Dirt3,the third installment of Dirt series,the graphics,physics,and race modes,already advance a lot from WRC Rally Evolved.This game,is less punishing than other previous games,because this game feature replay system,it allows you to rewind the game and start from the point that you want.I like this game,because gymkhana stuff,less punishing,and the multiplayer system is good too,kinda sad lot of people said this is not a good game.

Dirt 3

And the last rally game i play until now is Dirt Rally.Often considered as the dark souls on the wheel,because the physics,handling,sound and graphics are almost simulate the real world and it’s very hard.The Dirt series actually a semi simulation game,but this game throws all the arcade style,and bring back the glory of pure rally stuff to this game.Well this game designed to play on the wheel,but i don’t have it,so i can take an hour to keep restart a stage because i play this game on keyboard(i really wish to have game steering wheel tho :< ).This game also features Rallycross RX,it’s surprised me a lot when i bought this game on early access on 2015,and somewhere around 4–5 month after early access release,the developer announce Rallycross,and that game mode is very exciting! Incredible AI,well designed track,and features lot of cars from Rallycross RX and there’s multiplayer for this mode too! Probably still the best rally games till now,even though Dirt 4,Project Cars 2,WRC 7 already released.But people said this game still a top notch as rally game.

Dirt Rally

and,here’s a video the history of rally games,thanks for reading :)

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