An Introduction — the night before the day

A wise person once said “I’m not sure if I have a squad, but there are at least a few people out there who are happy I’m alive”. To my people, this blog is for you.

I’m taking a 2 month hiatus from my job, my friends, and the city I love. And it could’t feel more right.

As you probably know, I’ve become addicted to international travel. It’s my passion. I crave it. It keeps me up at night (literally — I have a giant map of the world on my bedroom wall with dots on all of the places I have been. I lie in bed gazing at the map and planning future adventures). I love America, but if I go too long without leaving the country, I start to itch.

There are so many places on my list. I’ve been to 31 countries (and counting!) but every time I travel I return knowing at least four more places I need to visit.

I’ve always wanted to take a trip around the world. To make a grand gesture. To go off the grid, escape the cube, and experience the globe. But the truth is that I have a job, family, & friends that make it hard to want to leave.

So instead of dropping everything, I’m taking 2 months, going to places I’ve always dreamed about and seeing as much as I can.

I’m headed to India first. I have a special place in my heart for India. Like white girls everywhere, I read Shantaram and decided I had to go. My notion of India is warm and rich and colorful. I’m drawn to the people, the food and the spirituality.

Next is Africa. I fly into Nairobi and make my way down to Cape Town. I know less of what to expect in Africa but I have romantic notions of its vast size, beautiful people, and daunting natural wonders.

I plan to use this blog to document my adventures. Hopefully I can shed some light, make you laugh, or at the very least, assure you that I am still alive.

If you want to make a comment, all you have to do is sign in with your FB, Twitter, or email. It’s simple and I’ll find a way to make it worth your while ;)

I blow this popsicle stand in the morning, so wish me luck!

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