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Guaranteeing The Warranty

How is the owner of a large appliance sales network similar to a baker, with the entrepreneur who has an e-commerce site, with the owner of a travel agency?

That everyone would like to be able to sell much more! But how to do it if everyone already has optimized their supply processes and have well-negotiated prices of inputs, and very well defined all the sales channels?

Money-Back Guarantee

Here are the magic words: “money-back guarantee.” That notably increases the perception of trust and credibility of your company and your products or services.

And how do you achieve that? Giving a transparent and explicit guarantee of an unconditional 30-day money back. …

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The Perfect Pizza

Yesterday we decided to make homemade pizza. Why? Because I read a report that said for the first time ever, a pizza maker from Australia had won the world championship in Italy for pizza and it was the first time that the winner was a non-Italian.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the recipe and I found it! And since it was unlikely that the entire family would go to Melbourne to try it, we decided to make it at home.

I went to buy all the ingredients at the supermarket and when it was time to buy the flour, something strange happened to me. I didn’t know which one to choose. There were 12 different brands and they all offered me basically the same thing: flour and nothing but flour! I wanted to buy just flour, I wanted the best flour! A gourmet flour that lived up to the pizza that so many expectations had raised at home. …

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What Is Left Over Is a Great Business! Start Reusing!

The Story of Hilton

The new Marketing Manager was very nervous and anxious. It was a cold fall of 2007 and it was the first meeting of shareholders in which he had been invited to speak to give a presentation. It was very ambitious of him that he had not wanted to tell anyone as all the big bankers who financed the company, top executives and major shareholders were present.

First, the CEO spoke which was then passed onto the Chairman. Finally, they gave the floor to the Manager. His knees began to tremble but with a firm voice, he began his speech: “We are Hilton, the second-largest hotel network in the world. We have 610,000 beds, 3,800 hotels, we operate in 88 countries and have 93 years of trajectory. …


Ariel Pfeffer

For 35 years, I’ve been involved in Direct Marketing around Latin America, mostly in Uruguay. Find more about me on my website at:

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