Mindful Living.

Ariel Reyna
Feb 21, 2018 · 3 min read
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On one end of the spectrum There are people who are on super strict diets and count their calories and macros and carbs and fats. They can only allow themselves to eat a certain ratio of protein to carbs, and work out for 2 hours 5 times a week. On the other end the spectrum there are people who do not work out ever, they eat fast food and sugars, and never think twice about the calorie count. What I’m going to discuss is something more in the middle maybe leaning toward the stricter end of the spectrum, but is easy. I call it mindful living. This is something that I’ve been doing recently since I’ve become more busy in my life and don’t have the same time I used to have to work out and cook all my meals and make healthy smoothies. I used to be extremely strict (by my standards) with my diet, but now I’m being more mindful.

Mindful living is something, I feel, happens naturally after you’ve turned your diet around from unhealthy to healthy. It happens after you learn your body and know and understand how different things such as food or stress affects your body. And mindful living is going to look different for every body. For me it’s snacking on healthy foods all day and knowing I’m going to be able to fit in a 30 minute work out later so I will enjoy an extra cookie, because I know two cookies wont affect me. Or if I know I won’t be working out, I’m no longer stressing out about that, because I ate small portions all day, and majority of the food was good for me in some way.

I feel as though when people get too busy they blame that on their weight gain, they say they don’t have time to go to the gym for an hour, or they don’t have the money to cook an organic and healthy meal. Well honestly you don’t need those things to lose weight, or to maintain your current weight. I haven’t consistently worked out or eaten a super healthy meal in about 3ish months, and I’ve stayed basically the same weight, I fluctuate between 1–2 pounds, maybe, depending on the time of month.

All you need to do is be mindful about your life. Honestly once you start paying attention to how your body reacts to everything your life will be so simple. At first living a mindful life will seem difficult, and almost like a diet, but it becomes so natural, because your body is finally being heard. It’s not about taking away all the foods, it’s all about balance and knowing when you should and shouldn’t eat or work out.

For you mindful living might be just taking mid day walks that double as meditation, or actually eating breakfast so you don’t binge at lunch, or putting the doughnut down and picking up the apple or it’s all of the above. Whatever it is to you, don’t over think it or make your life harder then it needs to be.

Live mindfully and Live Your Con{FIT}dent You!

Originally published at ConFITdent You.

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