The Importance of Mental Strength

Ariel Reyna
Nov 3, 2017 · 2 min read
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With the Houston Astros winning the World Series and my Alma Mater in the middle of the conference tournament, it’s reminding me how important mental strength truly is. Mental strength, in sports, is when your will to reach greatness over powers your fear of losing. It’s when you are so confident in your abilities that “home field advantage” doesn’t exist when you are on the road. It’s your internal self talk being so loud it drowns out all external noise and banter. It’s when your body wants to give up, but your mind tells you to keep going. It’s even when the statistics are against you and everyone is saying it’s not possible, you look everyone in the face and prove them wrong.

In life mental strength is just as important, if not, more important to have. You need it to stay disciplined with healthy choices. It’s what your confidence and self-esteem is based on. It’s what helps you get through your day at work without breaking down. Mental strength is what makes you the go-to shoulder to cry on and the person people look up to.

This post is focused more on the actual confident side of this site. Without high mental strength there is only so much you can achieve. It’s all about telling yourself you CAN instead of you can’t. Once you’ve connected your brain, heart, and body; and have those all on the same page there is nothing (but yourself) that can stop you.

Remember to live your Con{FIT}dent You!

Originally published at ConFITdent You.

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