This guy might freshen up our headphones with new tunes.

Only 14 days ago young and energetic guy named Gregors started a crowd sourcing campaign “Gregors Mazis Debut EP” and it’s killing.

With 174 Facebook shares and 665 dollars already raised, it’s on a way to reach 1000 dollars soon.

It’s been amazing to see this creative project being fueled by pure fat filled passion. The truth is that ideas like these are not supported by people who just want to hear new music. They are supported by people who believe in a move to create something authentic.

It seems that Gregors knows that music is not the only way to express joy so why not to wear a horse mask while playing?

New music is made every day by millions of people and this might make it less valuable, but we all know that the true reason why people listen to something is that they can relate to the story and vibe of the song.

So when Gregors makes music people smile. And more importantly he creates new friendships through his music — because smile is the shortest distance between two people.

There are only 26 days left until the campaign ends. It is easy to support this project.

Just head to Indiegogo project page and see for yourself.

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