Assignment 2-Short Film

The film is about the situation of people living in a big city. The technique i choose is a series of fragments that build a whole stories. I was inspired by Dziga Vertov film which is The Man with The Movie Camera. He uses different scene to show about people who live in Soviet. It quite unique that he combine different scene rather than make a full shot. He presents urban life in the Soviet, at work and at play, and interacting with the machinery of modern life. In my movie i show about people who live in big city like Sydney. I try to capture people’s activity throughout the day. A lot of different roads appear on my movie, the reason from that because a lot of people in Sydney use roads for their “transportation”. Apart showing city life, i am trying to show how modern Sydney right now compared with the past. Many high-rise building was built in Sydney, yet still have the sense of historical buildings.

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