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An inspector looking at a footprint
An inspector looking at a footprint

Making bad decisions in your design could be very expensive for the company. One bad decision could mean your entire team worked on a feature that would need another iteration or a complete removal soon. This is why bad product design can kill companies, and good product design saves them.

But how do we really validate we’re not making any mistake? The answer is we can never be 100% sure because sometimes the impact of what we do is revealed only years later. …

In one of my previous jobs, I had really interesting debates with the CEO regarding whether we should spend more time improving the way our app looks and feels. ‘How could he not care that the design is outdated?! It’s used by millions of people and it could easily be improved!’.

He didn’t budge, he was positive that the company is prioritizing the real things that move the business, focusing mostly on high growth moves.

I was bummed that my design skills didn’t matter much to him. I’m passionate about both UX and visual design and I don’t want to…


When we discuss, teach or practice the goals of UX design, we usually focus on enhancing user satisfaction with a product. The core values for this goal include empathy, ethics, and usability, which are all crucial in order for us to successfully enhance user satisfaction.

But while mastering user experience design is important, CEOs and Product Managers of private companies usually hire UI/UX designers for a very specific end goal: Helping the business grow.

This is usually achieved by increasing crucial business metrics: conversion rates, retention (loyalty), improving brand perception, and more.

Designers who don’t understand that don’t have a…

The navigation of a phone operating system is one of the most underlooked aspects of a phone. People like to talk about the camera, the processor, the memory and more, but not much about how usable the navigation is.

But honestly, it deserves more credits. Most of us switch apps or navigate to the previous screen way more often than we use apps that require a lot of memory to perform.

I’ve decided to break it down into pieces, and compare between the two navigation patterns of the 2 most precious phones.

Android vs. iPhone Navigation

An easy way to identify the advantages of…

Part 1

Steps I took working on my side-project, and its results.

Two months ago, I launched Felipe for Sketch. What started as a fun coding exercise for me in a hackathon, turned into my weekend’s passion project. Today, Felipe is featured first in the official Sketch homepage, and already downloaded over 2000 times.

The idea of Felipe was simple — Designers spend too much time searching and browsing for a specific symbol, instead of just drawing the most basic form of it to show intention.

I decided to use Felipe as an opportunity to practice my skills in building and shipping products. …

What does the future of UI Design tools hold for us?

UI Design tools have progressed a lot during the past few years. In the past, most of us used Adobe Photoshop for everything. Then Bohemian Coding released Sketch, which focused solely on UI Design. Since then, more tools tried to do the same, or focused on multiple other fields such as prototyping, version control, design-to-code and more.

But in the field of UI Design, not much have changed. Shared components such as symbols in Sketch or Components in Figma are probably the last thing to be a real innovation. …

Many people who create digital products have probably heard of the term ‘Designing with Data’. It’s a very obvious practice, that suggests that making intuition-based decisions is not enough, and better decisions are usually supported by quantitative or qualitative evidence.

This leads many teams to run A/B Tests. In short, A/B tests are a way to offer slightly different versions of your product to users of the same initial group, and measure the difference in their behavior. They’re probably one of the best ways to bring actionable data.

The reason A/B tests are so effective, is because they basically mean…

When people start working out, much of their success or failure in reaching their goals are based on their diet. Even with a great plan, tracking your eating after every meal is very hard, and good UX can be an important factor in your success or failure in the long run. I found this as an interesting challenge to solve.

Defining The Problem

I wanted to have some data to work with, so I did short interviews with 10 people who tried to track their nutrition habits and failed. This is the summary:

  • 5 people said the process took too much of their…

When I get an offer to join a product team, I spend the following days or even weeks considering many different parameters. I see it as a really important decision, which will greatly affect my life.

The first thing I usually consider is the vision — the company’s long-term mission. The second thing is usually the team — the personality, ambition and skills of my future partners.

The third most important thing for me when considering an offer is my short-term missions — the KPIs for each sprint or quarter. What drives the team? What can the team achieve in…

How a simple design change led to more than 10% increase in conversion

In March 2018, I joined JoyTunes as a product designer. JoyTunes is a music learning service that helps people learn how to play musical instruments in a simple, fun way.

At JoyTunes, we work in squads, inspired by the Spotify Squad Framework. We call them ‘pods’. each pod has a different KPI in mind. I was assigned to the Conversion pod, where the KPI was, as you can guess, in-app conversion rate.

As a designer who mostly cares about UX + delighting the users, I wasn’t very happy at first. I thought of conversion as something much more related to…

Ariel Verber

Product Designer, Writer & Creator of Felipe for Sketch.

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