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In one of my previous jobs, I had really interesting debates with the CEO regarding whether we should spend more time improving the way our app looks and feels. ‘How could he not care that the design is outdated?! It’s used by millions of people and it could easily be improved!’.

He didn’t budge, he was positive that the company is prioritizing the real things that move the business, focusing mostly on high growth moves.

I was bummed that my design skills didn’t matter much to him. I’m passionate about both UX and visual design and I don’t want to spend my life working for companies who only want to use a small part of my skills. …

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When we discuss, teach or practice the goals of UX design, we usually focus on enhancing user satisfaction with a product. The core values for this goal include empathy, ethics, and usability, which are all crucial in order for us to successfully enhance user satisfaction.

But while mastering user experience design is important, CEOs and Product Managers of private companies usually hire UI/UX designers for a very specific end goal: Helping the business grow.

This is usually achieved by increasing crucial business metrics: conversion rates, retention (loyalty), improving brand perception, and more.

Designers who don’t understand that don’t have a good chance of getting a seat at the table. They would keep talking about goals that are very rarely appreciated by top-level executives, and it makes total sense. …

The navigation of a phone operating system is one of the most underlooked aspects of a phone. People like to talk about the camera, the processor, the memory and more, but not much about how usable the navigation is.

But honestly, it deserves more credits. Most of us switch apps or navigate to the previous screen way more often than we use apps that require a lot of memory to perform.

I’ve decided to break it down into pieces, and compare between the two navigation patterns of the 2 most precious phones.

Android vs. iPhone Navigation

An easy way to identify the advantages of Android phones’ navigation is by measuring the most common use cases it tries to…


Ariel Verber

Product Designer, Writer & Creator of Felipe for Sketch. www.arielverber.com

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