Links June 2016

Welcome to the very first entry of the Links section of my blog. Here I will collect all of the interesting things I’ve seen on the internet. I’ll start a new entry every month and update it as I find new stuff. There might be things that I have watched or read and things pending on the TODO. Sometimes I might elaborate why chose that link, but in general expect this to be rather raw.

I hope you like it and please don’t hesitate to use the comments to share some of your findings :)


Machine Learning & Co, Outlier Detection with COPA (Cancer Outlier Profile Analysis). The algorithm works by normalizing the values in a set of data, using the median absolute deviation (MAD) to segment the data, and then isolating the top 1 percent of values, which are deemed the outliers. The whole process is then run again against the outlier data set, to essentially find the outliers of the outliers. After running this result set through page-rank algorithm, the final data is output.