Use a Wingman to Get the Girl This Valentine

It is easy to meet more and more women when you are with your gang then when you are out on your own. When you are trying to meet a girl and your friends who pitch in for you are called ‘wingman’ or wing in the western culture. Though dating India has also adopted this trend and your guy as well as your girl friends do the wingman job for you. However, it is not easy as when you don’t know your potential mate, how to pitch for things. 
• The beginning
One of most crucial thing is how to introduce your friend when you are trying to hook him up. A point that works well in this will be to introduce him when he is not there. Put in his best qualities and as a friend obviously you can exaggerate a little. Lol. But then this will build up the attraction and when he comes into the picture all eyes will be on him. 
• Keep the communication going
If it is you with one of your friend and have two women on the way, it is best to interact with each other. Don’t stop talking to your friend and get your focus on the women completely. Try to move things ahead with may be a plan to eat out. While you are planning the dinner with your friend coax the women to come along and that’s how easy it will be. 
• Give your friend a boost
At times the interactions don’t go well. It might be like, you and the women you met are doing great but your friend who worked as your wingman is staggering. What you can do in this situation is pitch in for him or ask your girl to talk to your friend’s lady interest. It will make things easy for him and a little sorted also. 
• Make the entry a little strategically
When you are out to find love, it is necessary to keep every step with precision. It is better that one of you go join a group of girls or boys and girls while your friend comes in later. If things don’t work out it will be easy to step out. 
• Make some rules
Yes, it is important to draw some lines. The guy who steps in first can keep the girl he attracts. Don’t make an exception in that. Moreover if you need to be nice to a girl you don’t like while he is wooing the woman he likes, let him do it. He will return you the favor no doubt. Don’t steal away the woman your friend likes, bros before ho’s. Remember!

While there can be no else better than your friends as your wingman, it is not bad to try the best dating apps in India, if you are looking to find life partner this valentines. Just give it try, who knows what you might find there!