Tron Airdrop Competition

TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. In celebration of launching TVM, Tron held an Airdrop competition.

Register in here

Complete all the steps above and compete with other TRONICS for the right to get TRX

If you follow Justin’s Twitter you will get 1 point

If you Retweet Justin’s post you will get 1 point

If you follow TRON Foundation’s Instagram you will get 1 point

Good Luck fellow TRONICS!

May the TRON be with you!

1st Place — 3333 TRX

2nd Place — 2666 TRX

3rd Place — 2000 TRX

4th Place — 1166 TRX

5th Place — 833 TRX

6–50th Place — 133 TRX

51–100 Place — 166 TRX