You have found the perfect domain for your business, you wanted to register it and boom! The domain is not available for registration. Plus it is for sale. This is a common situation for start-ups, companies and for lots of people out there. The action starts once you decided to go further, purchase the domain name.

Lots of people have their own stories but I’d like to point out one story and tell you the truths on the sellers’ side. Here is the full story about a buyer who purchased He has a priceless experience and provides lots of…

Every business in the world has to follow and adapt to the trends to survive and evolve. The ones who are not able to do that have failed and will fail eventually. Companies like MySpace, Yonja, Thomas Cook are just a few examples that comes to mind in a second.

Timing changes from a business to another. Some businesses might have plenty of time to re-arrange their products, services or contents in order to catch up with the trends. However, some businesses do not have this luxury, time, to adjust. Domain business is one of them.

It all starts with…

How did you get into this business? This is the question I hear from lots of people when they find out that I’m in the domain business, of course, right after I explain what the domain business is.

August 2010. I just got back from the Erasmus Internship program about wind erosion, yes I may come back to this after some time, in Belgium. Well, the internship itself was great but our travel plan for Italy went quite bad. My phone got stolen and I had to buy an extra flight ticket cost me a fortune. So, when I got…

Arif Sengoren

Professional Domain Broker| Travel Addict| Esports Lover

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