Back home

And finding our footing

It was great to be home and now we could get on with the healing and recovery process.

One of the things you soon realise when getting home is the logistics of things. Especially things you don’t need to normally have to think about.

Such as, the best way to fold up and fit the wheelchair (also known as the “chariot”) in the boot of the car. How to get Elsa in and out of the car as we have to hold, lift and carry her everywhere. How to get the wheelchair then into the house. All I have to say is thank goodness we live in a single level house and the only steps we had to worry about were the front three leading up to the front doorstep!

With Elsa having the pillow abductor it does make things a bit awkward as her legs are fully extended. When the wheelchair has it’s extensions on it can be quite hard to turn corners in a small space. Needless to say I’ve banged into the walls a few times. After a couple weeks of having the wheelchair in the house, we soon kept it in the boot unless Elsa wants to be in. It takes up too much space in the lounge and it’s just too cumbersome.

When we got home a commode was shortly delivered and it’s a contraption of a thing! It also takes up quite a bit of space and after a week or so of trying to use it we gave up. It was a lot easier to lift Elsa onto the toilet and rest her legs on a stool in front of her rather than sitting her on the commode and then wheeling it over the toilet. You soon figure out what is easier or harder when trying to do something and you soon have your own methods of doing things!

Elsa had two weeks at home to rest and recover. During this time she, and we, were finding our footing, and figuring out the best way to do things. I applied for a mobility pass as having Elsa in a wheelchair takes quite a bit of work loading and unloading. It took a week for it to arrive and when it did it made life A LOT easier. It also meant we could now go out to places without having to park miles away. So that’s probably the one good thing about all of this. Being able to park in the handicapped parks!

The school suggested that Elsa come and visit and that way people could ask questions as to why she was in a wheelchair and to get the curiosity and interest out of the way before she started back at school. Elsa really missed her friends and class so it was really nice to take her in for a visit so that she could say hi to everyone and see her teacher. It also meant I got to practice doing the school pick up and unloading and loading of Elsa and her chariot.

Lucas was feeling quite out of sorts with the amount of presents Elsa was getting. I understood where he was coming from as it did seem like Elsa was getting inundated with presents and in his view this was so unfair. To the point he told us he wanted to have broken legs so that he got lots of presents. After sitting him down and talking to him, and him getting some extra surprises, all was okay in his world again.

Finally home and feeling a bit tired.
Skyping her class which was awesome!
Happy to be on the couch.
Lego, the best toy ever!
Elsa sitting up at 90 degrees which the surgeon said she probably wouldn’t be able to do as the pins would probably dig in, but Elsa being Elsa proved him wrong!
Two of my favourite little people.
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