5 Core Values that Define Success for Every Individual
Christopher D. Connors

Great points — I would add that when it comes to honesty, one of the most important forms of it is being honest with ourselves.

I find that throughout my life there have been times when I have sabotaged myself, or caused problems because of self-deception.

If you are not honest with yourself you can’t be truly honest with others and ultimately you will sabotage your own success.

I also love that you mentioned perseverance.

Of all of the qualities I have seen in successful people this one seems to me to be one of the most important ones.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you give up easily and don’t persist then you are unlikely to achieve anything of great value.

I think a lack of perseverance is a problem I have noticed very much in modern society.

My theory is that it is at least in part a function of people being taught that mistakes are bad and to be avoided.

This “mistake aversion” means that people will often only persist in an activity as long as things go well.

As with any kind of avoidance in psychology — the more you do it the worse it gets.

People can end up becoming so fearful of failure that they give up on really trying.

On the other hand, successful people embrace their mistakes as a learning opportunity.

They persevere through the bad times because they understand that no challenging endeavour is without problems.

There is no such thing as “plain sailing” in the real world.

Further they have the confidence (as you mention) in their own ability to push through and attain their goals in spite of other people mocking them — especially important during the tough times when things might be going wrong.

Ultimately I believe that success is more about character than raw ability.

You obviously need a basic level of talent, but without the right characteristics or behaviours, you will never make full use of what you have.

If you can’t make use of it, it may as well not exist.

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