NerdNote : Becoming a Marketing Master - Chet Holmes (1)

NerdNote Selvie Salim

There are three types of executives, namely Strategic Executive, Tactical Executive and Strategic-Tactical Executive.

- Strategic Executive: Someone who has the big idea, seeing from the big picture, and visionary.

- Tactical Executive: Someone who is keen on doing and run a plan set by a strategist, knows every little detail in the field, acts as an executor.

- Strategic-Tactical Executive: Someone who comes up with the big idea and strategy and has the capability to conduct the plan in real field, executes the plan with a smooth success.

Strategy and tactic are complimentary to each other, we want to be a marketing master who are both strategic and tactical. By the classification above, we can conclude the main task of each executive. Strategic Executive will determine the vision and mission of the company, market positioning, long term strategy and goals, broad view set amongst the community. Tactical Executive has to deal with daily -activities and to-do list, actionable plans and marketing tools. Those main tasks make a Strategic-Tactical Executive the best and rarest combination.

Each tactic deployed has to serve for the accomplishment of strategic objective. The more strategic objectives can be accomplished by one tactic, the more it is proven to be effective. For example, hiring an excellent Customer Service in a company is a tactic to strive for gaining customers’ trust, loyalty, satisfaction, happiness. An excellent CS can also produce a referrals to new customers (WoM), induce more sales, elevate the credibility of the company, and this can lead to many other good things. That way we don’t just sell our products, but our company as well.

Another important thing in marketing is creating a core story. Core story is a tool to gain the perspective we want to be perceived by the market and to arouse the urgency or the needs for our products. This tool is created by combining market data, education to our potential clients, and undeniable story to prove the significant role of our product in problem solving. By doing that, we can feel the shift of buying criteria from product and price matter, to education and needs. This tactic is also effective to diminish other competitor, as we are the one that gives comprehensive education of what is happening, the root cause of a problem, and show that we understand how to solve and with what.

Steps to build a marvelous core story:

  • Educate audience with current situation and market data, tell from the big picture.
  • Create the needs for something to solve the existing and growing problem.
  • Give bad news of failure in the society to overcome the problem (without relating the failure to our products and services).
  • Tell more buying criteria.
  • Tell actions need to be taken.
  • Introduce our business.
  • Give our best offer.

In doing marketing it is also important to yield the position our product services from basic view to broadest possible view. That is because of all segments in the market share, only 3% are entitled as immediate buyers and 6% are open to it. The rest percentage is divided into segments that claim to not buying, not interested and definitely not buying. With only using the basic view, chances are we can grab the 3% immediate buyer. Think about broadening the possibility of gaining benefit from doing business with one’s company or simply by using its products and services. One can definitely grab the rest of percentage and drive it to become immediate buyer. To do that, we need a massive stadium pitch, something that gives value of our prospects rather that focusing only on our products and services. For instance, it is less effective to say, “A Brand New and Cheap Printer for Your Big Office” than to say, “One Device to Save 40% of Your Wasted Paper and Ink”.