NerdNote : Best Buyer Strategy - Chet Holmes (2)

NerdNote Selvie Salim

Best Buyer Strategy is a strategy to capture those buyers which have capability to purchase more than other buyers in average. To do that, first we have to define who our best buyers are, by looking at the number of sales, researches, and scouring for other information. One thing to be kept in mind, all those information about our best buyers will fade to no avail when we don’t have discipline and determination. Chet Holmes calls it Pigheaded Discipline and Determination. We may have strategy and tactics. Those are not enough when we lack of persistence in pursuing our goals. Rejection often happens and we must not be let down. It is part of the process, the search of our best buyer. Next, we have to set the concept of grabbing our Dream Best Buyers. There are a few important notes:

  • Stand in the crowd
    When we first want to enter the market it is so hard, moreover when there is a predecessor. We need to soften the market by breeding higher brand awareness, stand out in the market. This also raise the credibility of our brand. We can do advertising through various media.
  • Campaign elements
    We can run an effective campaign by coordination and utilizing strategy elements and marketing tools. The effort combined with persistence will result in good relationship with potential buyers, market education and needs for our products. The tools are:

a) Email
Give a tremendous and attractive subject. Grab the first attention by focusing on the clients, not our company.

b) Meeting
Many rejections will be made with many reasons like “not interested”, “send the company profile first”, “don’t have time”, etc. When our prospect says he is not interested, ask them in a sincere way if they are seriously don’t care to tackle the problem existing in his company, tell him you company knows the problem and the solution. When he says he wants you to send the company profile, tell him honestly you will send tens of pages and he will not read. Ask for 30 minutes of his time to meet and finish what you have to tell. If he says he’s got no time, ask him out for lunch. So, the point is find a way to make our prospect see the meeting as his importance, not ours.

c) Database
Use database as much as we can as our source to reach more prospects.

d) Promotional Gifts
Give the gifts that are cute, thoughtful, related to prospects’ family, and not expensive as if we want to bribe him imply.