NerdNote : Create the Ultimate Advantage - Chet Holmes (3)

NerdNote Selvie Salim

A company must invest time and money for training its employees. It is expected to result in improvement of human resources. Every individual in the company must be encouraged to sharpen their skills in order to drive the whole company to fully function. Companies that give training to employees result in:

  • Run faster and better
  • Increase knowledge
  • Speed grow

Not only work harder, one must also work smarter. The training is conducted in 3 ways, namely self-study, one-on-one training, team-training. Then the company and the individuals engaged inside identify strategic impact areas with great intensity. Having the impact areas listed, we can figure out next step or tactics to be taken. The list may cover areas like telemarketing team, marketing activities, customer service, CRM, purchasing and suppliers (vendor), shipment, and technology. In case of marketing team specifically, the key to impact areas to be leveled to mastery are:

  • Presentation skill
  • Telephone skill
  • Sales skill
  • Follow up skill
  • Time management
  • Perfect sales attitude
  • Strategic thinking

A company is required to dedicate minimum hours per week to the improvement projects like personal productivity, sales motivation, sales performances, marketing positioning, marketing strategies, and marketing and sales effectiveness. There are still many companies that see these kinds of training or improvement projects as an interference to the employees’ work. As long as those companies remain like that, there will be many unidentified problems and chances are the companies grow slower then it should.

Mastering something is not doing thousands of things, it is doing several things thousands times. Repetition is the key to master a skill. Repetition can be done in variety of ways as to keep the trainee from boredom.

Successful companies are known to focus on 3 P’s:

  • Planning
  • Procedures
  • Policies

In order to make a company run better and faster we must first identify things that become obstacles or constraints. Strategies then to be made to tackle all those obstacles.