NerdNote : Perfecting Your Follow-Up — Chet Holmes (5)

NerdNote Selvie Salim

Clients acquisition takes up the most expensive spending of a sales team. In fact, most companies turned out focusing only on the acquisition and lack of leverage in retention. Perfecting the follow up is very important because that is how we make sure sales keep coming in while in search of new clients or new market, which literally needs some time.

A good follow up is always planned and scripted. 7 steps to every sale :

  1. Rapport
    Getting to know to your clients, talk about anything that does not necessarily within the business agenda. That will result in harmonious relationship and trust.
  2. Need
    Understand The needs of the clients. It is good if clients also talk and open up what they actually seek.
  3. Value
    Knowing the clients’ needs, think of what you can offer that your clients might think of it as valuable.
  4. Desire 
    Besides your products or services that fulfill the clients’ needs, what other value can you add to strengthen their desire?
  5. Objection
    Make sure that the clients’ objections become your attention.
  6. Close
    Find out things that can support you make a deal with these clients.
  7. Follow up
    The better you practice step 1–6, the easier and smooth your follow up will be.

Include sending an email as part of follow up. State something personal, compliment to clients, hot button that can trigger the desire for your products, and personal close that shows sincere and trust.

Follow up can be done by meeting, phone calls, emails, and even lunches.