NerdNote : Professional Presenting - Chet Holmes (6)

NerdNote Selvie Salim

After all the effort to get the appointment that we want, we need to present our best to our prospect. You must tell your prospect what the meeting is going to be about, tell them about it, and tell them again about what you just told them. In a consistent way you tell what the objective of the meeting is.

After the meeting, never pass more than 24 hours to do follow up. It is because after the meeting your prospect will be in the hot zone, where they remember you and your product, or even the relevancy to their need. After 24 hours your prospect just enters the cool off zone, when he start to lose the relevancy between your product and their needs. By that moment, it will be even harder to make another appointment with that prospec.

When presenting, always remember these:

  • Use visualization (toolkit) as a device. Seeing and hearing can be retained better by one’s brain.
  • You tone and gesture is as much important as the material of the presentation.
  • Always use projector when provided. Present the material in a standing position. You will feel that you manage the dynamic of the meeting.
  • Tell some jokes if possible.
  • Do not read the material, it is just a tool. The real experience comes from the presenter.
  • Do not answer question when it interrupts you, especially when the answer is actually in the next minute of your presentation. Politely ask the permission to continue the material. Answer when the time has come for Q and A.

Rehearse and practice the presentation is very effective. You will present fluently and smoothly. A successful presentation will let the material reside in the mind of the prospect even after the meeting passed. So that when you follow up, you and your prospect are still on the same page.