NerdNote : The High Art of Getting Appointments with Anyone - Chet Holmes Part 1

NerdNote : Selvie Salim

How to get the impossible meeting:

  1. Identify and get around the gatekeeper
    First you must know the typical of the gatekeeper, some gatekeepers are easy to get around and some are difficult. You must always maintain the relaxed tone but intellect.
  2. Articulate a perfect pitch on the phone
    Try to get attention quickly. Give out a voice with the tone of authority always works. It is even better to call the gatekeeper with his name to show rapport and friendliness. You can start the conversation by telling an opening story of why you made the call in the first place, and how it engages the person you want to talk to.
  3. Speak with confidence
    Gatekeeper’s task is to keep the boss from unnecessary calls. When you speak with such confidence and unfold the information in an interesting way, the gatekeeper will feel that you know who you are calling and the reason we call is important for her boss.
  4. Lead the conversation
    You will often find that gatekeeper doesn’t receive your call with a receptive tone. But do not step back, grasp the moment to take the lead to your side again. Stop what the gatekeeper is trying to do by distracting him with things he might not understand and speak like you know more than he does.

A few things to remember:

  • Always value your customers’ time. When your prospect sounds very busy, make the call short and ask for another time to call based on the prospect’s reference.
  • Do not call with sales pitch and keep asking what you want and try to convince your prospect about how good your product is without first establishing trust and rapport.
  • Always answer the gatekeeper’s question right away, never hesitate or give a moment.
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