NerdNote : The High Art of getting appointments with anyone - Chet Holmes Part 2

NerdNote Selvie Salim

Most sales people will give up to rejection, only persistence can bring sales people to the person they are looking for, the decision maker with whom the deal should be closed.

Some steps to follow if you want to get the appointments:

  • Persistence doesn’t mean that you become an unpleasant person. Persistence can be found in entertaining ways, make yourself irresistible to the gatekeeper and the potential clients. Always keep in mind the positive thinking that you can be a friend or at least a good relationship with your prospect.
  • Should you not get the appointment you need, try other ways, different creative ways, like emails, or other devices that will set you apart from others, and in a way bring yourself to the attention of the prospect.
  • Keep the consistency of the follow up. After the first correspondence through email, it is good to talk by phone as well, share one more time what you share in the email.
  • Send video email to capture the attention, or some interesting article.
  • Charm the gatekeeper, and follow up the prospect.
  • Get a recommendation from another client will be good.
  • Another follow up call.
  • Send something interesting or funny, or recall what personal things your prospect might have mention before and by which you can send something of their interest.
  • Another follow up call.