Digital Wedding Invitation Must Have Features for Host

Muhammad Arif Hakimi
3 min readOct 22, 2023
Tuan Majlis Digital Wedding Card

Wedding preparations have always been a mix of excitement, anticipation, and sometimes, a dash of chaos. As we evolve with technology, some traditional elements of wedding preparations are undergoing digital transformations. One such revolution is the emergence of the digital wedding card.

Gone are the days when digital wedding cards were considered an “optional” or supplementary choice. Today, they have become an indispensable tool for event organizers. The beauty of these cards is not just in their aesthetic appeal but in their multifaceted functionalities. While there are myriad digital wedding cards available in the market, their functions can vastly differ. Some may seem similar on the surface, but their underlying features can be distinct.

Here are some key features that an ideal digital wedding card should encompass:

  1. RSVP (Attendance Record): More than just a confirmation, the RSVP feature offers a gateway to effective planning. Knowing who can celebrate with you aids in making decisions ranging from seating arrangements to food quantities. Digital cards streamline this by providing real-time responses. Tuan Majlis, for instance, has integrated Telegram notifications, ensuring that hosts remain updated without being inundated with information.
  2. Background Music: The inclusion of music in a digital wedding card isn’t merely an entertainment feature; it’s about setting the tone and mood for the upcoming celebration. By allowing the card to play a chosen tune automatically, it creates a memorable and emotional first impression. Tuan Majlis’s customization option, where hosts can add a song via a YouTube link, ensures that every card is as unique as the couple’s story.
  3. Gift Reservation (Bride and Groom’s Wishlist): The art of gifting is made easier with a digital wishlist. It’s a thoughtful way for the couple to communicate their needs and desires, ensuring they receive gifts that hold value and significance. Moreover, it offers guests a hassle-free experience, allowing them to reserve their chosen gifts, ensuring the couple doesn’t end up with repetitive items.
  4. Telegram Notifications: Efficiency in communication is paramount in wedding planning. The ability to receive RSVPs and guest messages directly on Telegram provides hosts with a centralized and organized system. Immediate notifications mean real-time updates, which can be crucial in the dynamic environment of wedding preparations.
  5. Calendar Integration: Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy for dates to slip one’s mind. By allowing guests to save the wedding date directly to their calendars with reminders, digital cards ensure that everyone is timely and no one misses out on the joyous occasion.
  6. Countdown Timer: The countdown feature serves as a constant reminder of the upcoming celebration. It’s not just about the number of days left; it’s about building anticipation and excitement. With Tuan Majlis’s aesthetic and minimalistic design, the countdown becomes a visual treat.
  7. Guest Messages: Personal messages from guests can be heartwarming and memorable. By incorporating a messaging feature within the RSVP, it ensures every guest leaves a note, making the digital card a keepsake of well-wishes and blessings.
  8. Cash Gifts (Salam Kaut): In situations where attendance isn’t possible, the digital card offers a solution. Guests can send their blessings and gifts in the form of digital cash transfers, ensuring their presence is felt even in their absence.
  9. Attendance Export in Excel: Organization is key. The ability to export all attendance records into an Excel sheet provides hosts with a structured overview, aiding in final preparations and ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  10. Unlimited Edits: Flexibility is crucial, especially when plans or details change. Unlike many digital cards that come with restricted edits, platforms like Tuan Majlis provide an unlimited editing feature, allowing hosts to update details as needed without any hassles.

In the world of wedding planning, where every detail matters, digital wedding cards have proven to be more than just invitations. They are comprehensive tools that facilitate organization, communication, and personalization, ensuring that the journey to the big day is as seamless as possible. For more example of explanation in Bahasa Melayu you may refer here.



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