You know what’s a question I hate?

“How are you?”

It’s so loaded.

Like the person isn’t just asking about your day. They aren’t asking about how your day job is. They aren’t asking if you spent eight hours of your day sitting at an ergonomically correct desk thinking about closing time. They aren’t asking if you spent four hours carefully crafting emails laced with images of cute animals being cute, so your co-workers know you are ‘fun loving’ and ‘deserve more money’. …

When I moved to Ottawa in 2012, I think I was most excited for the four hour commutes back to Toronto. …

Everyone has a podcast…including me. That means you can do it too! Here are some ideas to kick start your podcasting dream!

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Imagine making your own internet radio show in your own vintage recording studio! This could be you talking about coffee or Donald Trump!
  1. Damn Good Coffee: A podcast that talks about coffee from around the world but the podcasters can use quotes from Twin Peaks
  2. Trump1998: A podcast that provides insightful discussion on what Donald Trump would do if he was running again fictitious president Josiah Bartlet
  3. Gilmore Guild: A Dungeons and Dragons podcast in which everyone is role playing based on a character from Gilmore Girls
  4. Order with Ice T: Ask Ice T how he would solve some of New York’s most controversial cases while he orders an ice tea from a bartender in New York who knows everything (note: must be produced by Dick…


Arif Jaffer

My ID might say I’m 22, but I am just your local suburban dad

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