8 Pop Culture Podcasts That You Can Make!

Everyone has a podcast…including me. That means you can do it too! Here are some ideas to kick start your podcasting dream!

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Imagine making your own internet radio show in your own vintage recording studio! This could be you talking about coffee or Donald Trump!
  1. Damn Good Coffee: A podcast that talks about coffee from around the world but the podcasters can use quotes from Twin Peaks
  2. Trump1998: A podcast that provides insightful discussion on what Donald Trump would do if he was running again fictitious president Josiah Bartlet
  3. Gilmore Guild: A Dungeons and Dragons podcast in which everyone is role playing based on a character from Gilmore Girls
  4. Order with Ice T: Ask Ice T how he would solve some of New York’s most controversial cases while he orders an ice tea from a bartender in New York who knows everything (note: must be produced by Dick Wolf)
  5. Arrested Underdevelopment: Michael Cera goes to prisons across America and brings light to the American prison system. Guests include: Jason Bateman. That’s it.
  6. The NeXt-Files: A group of podcasters get together to review any mentions of aliens or extra-terrestrial activity in the Panama Papers.
  7. Beauty is Somewhere: A podcaster travels around the world to discuss sites that look like Bob Ross’ art work
  8. Full Car: A podcaster sets up a microphone in their minivan and records the conversations that happens when they drive their kids to soccer. Occasional laugh track required.

My ID might say I’m 22, but I am just your local suburban dad

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