A 5-minute Intro to Styled Components
Sacha Greif

Hi Sacha Greif, I’m interested in contributing to Nova. I’m aware of React (Read a lot about it, but never really made something useful with it). I did the Meteor Specialisation on Coursera a year and a half back, when Meteor 1.0 wasn’t around. I’m very generally aware of what GraphQL does.

I have never worked on an open source project before, and I’m finding it very hard to make my first contribution. I’ve been reading Shubheksha’s guides on contributing to open source lately when I read this today. I’m very keen on contributing to make something better and more meaningful. I’m in need of a mentor, as I’m finding myself reading a lot and not making anything in the code editor, after I recently left my 1 year of first job for some family reasons.