LOL: Weekly (List of Lit) Links, A Curated Literary Newsletter

LOL ( Weekly (List of Lit) Things ) is a weekly curated newsletter containing literary articles, poems, spoken word performances, essays, blog posts, visual art, slam poems, songs, visual jokes, generative art, patterns, that I read/see/listen in a week.

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I talk about my inspiration of starting it here:

This is the era of browser tab disasters. The other day I saw a developer’s tweet about how a big number of opened tabs hung his computer, corrupted his file system, only after which he stopped using his browser tabs as a todo list.

We gulp web content like crazy. Get swayed away most of the times, lose ourselves in waves of hyperlinks, to find ourselves having wasted time like it was recyclable, because of which, the word “commitment” doubles its meaning. I’m here to help a little.

I will ease down some of your browser tab mania through a list of small numbered things that I read in a week so that you could enjoy them, and get back to work. Who has time in this world!

There’s another reason why I started this, I wrote about it here:

If you’re game, or you play games, or if you don’t.

Okay, re-try.

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Thanks a Quintal!