Why I partnered with Ariix

1. Management — They have all worked together before running a billion dollar company, they left that company on ethical grounds to start something that really cares about the representatives. They have won many awards for vision, Innovation, best executives, best management team, best products and were voted the No1 compensation plan in the industry. Mark Wilson, the president of Ariix was voted to the board of the DSMA as president.

2. Products — Ariix with Deanna Latson, manufacturing products of the highest quality, all natural and with Ariix’s Gold standard, all products have to work and really make a difference for people.

3. Compensation plan — Voted the best comp plan in our industry, it is the most lucrative paying plan out there.

4. The bill of rights — The first company in the industry to have something in the contract that protects your business, so you can have peace of mind that you really are the owner of your business.

5. The Founders Club — Another first in the industry, it gives you a say in how the company is run, You get shares in the company which you can pass on to your children in the future, it really is a legacy income for your family.

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