5 Use Case of Rubiv — Canvas that it makes a asset to everyone

After launching our landing page we had so many questions how to use Rubiv-Canvas? What is Rubiv-Canvas? How can I use Rubiv-Canvas ? and so on…We thought to make few Use Cases that would be simple to use for anyone.

Use Cases — Here are a few use cases about this feature so far:

  1. A Social Media Specialist creating social media graphic, quotes, quick tips.
Creating a quote

2.A Blogger creating an email newsletter, blog post image templates, lead magnet, content upgrades.

Creating a image for blog

3.A Manager creating a presentation, conference flyers, even agenda.

Creating flyer

4.A Marketeer creating brochures, discount promo images, list of items offered.


5.A Brand Manager posting his logo, brand, note card, on his social media.


And all the items that are created in Rubiv can be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or scheduled for another day.


With the Rubiv application, anyone can transform his social media post in a better experience for his public. This is only one of many features we have planned for Rubiv. You can also crawl enter sites and get all the data and repack it into something new also with the help of over 1000 RSS Feeds added by us we give you a beautiful mixing content curation. So stay tuned as we are now testing the site and getting ready to launch very soon.

Join our beta launch #rubiv.com https://rubiv.com/

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