Rubiv Story PART I (SAAS MVP)

Starting fourth months ago we began building what would 
become our first SaaS project. As a software developer, 
we all have a desire to make our own thing, our own baby. 
So we started brainstorming the best idea that came up. 
Through discussions with friends, we come to an idea to attack the promotions of social media post, because not one platform on the internet had the best solution to answer the question of posting, editing product image, scheduling and getting content curation from any website.

The idea was to merge all these features into one platform that
does not cost too much but still, it’s easy to use. We spent over
three months building, rebuilding the MVP ( started as MVP but then
feature after feature… I don’t believe we can call it MVP anymore :) )

In the beginning, Rubiv was an unnamed side project than
later had 3–4 names. One month before we launched our landing page we finally tested the names with colleagues and this one was
the best (or the best one to be remembered).

So what is Rubiv — Simply said it’s a combination of 
canva (graphic-design tool website) and buffer (social media management).
With the help of machine learning, we combined this two features
and vuala Rubiv was born.


Why Rubiv is unique — We searched to find something like this,
but came empty handed. What makes us special is the fetching
of the data from any website ( Shopify, Amazon, Wix, you name it )
and the opportunity to modify this data. You don’t need to be a designer or need a designer to post beautiful design social media posts. We have integrated Templates for social media, that are replaced by the data you fetched from your website. The hashtags are generated automatically. So the only job you have is post it right away or schedule it for later.

Use Cases — Here are a few use cases about this feature so far:

  1. A Social Media Specialist creating social media graphic, quotes, quick tips.

2. A Blogger creating an email newsletter, blog post image templates, lead magnet, content upgrades.

3.A Manager creating a presentation, conference flyers, even agenda.

4.A Marketeer creating brochures, discount promo images, list of items offered.

5.A Brand Manager posting his logo, brand, note card, on his social media.

6. A Teacher creating Course Promo design, worksheets, workbooks for his courses.

And all the items that are created in Rubiv can be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or scheduled for another day.

For more information on Use Cases click here.

Getting data from ASOS to Rubiv

Currently, we are in beta and we need your help to improve our
service. We are trying to get as much feedback as possible from early users, so we can make the platform as helpful as possible.
Join our beta launch