My rendezvous with the history of Angkor

Over the years, one of Cambodia’s major travel destination has been Angkor Wat, the largest temple complex in the world. Angkor Wat, meaning a City of Buddhist Temples, was originally built as a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, reportedly between 1113 and 1150 AD. It is believed to be a representation of Mt. Meru, the sacred five-peaked mountain of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism cosmology which is considered the home of the Gods and core of all the physical and metaphysical existences on Earth. …


What works right: A lo-fi, mid-fi or hi-fi prototype?

Tyler Tate in his article “Concerning Fidelity in Design” writes:

Design methods are not mutually exclusive. Rather, each method exists on a continuum of fidelity, ranging from low fidelity sketches to high fidelity HTML prototypes. Each method is well-suited for a particular phase of the design process, with one level of fidelity often leading into the next.

As most digital UX designers will agree, indeed fidelity of our designs is an ever evolving process as it begins with more primitive paper sketches, to wireframes, to digital mockups, and gradually transforms into full-fledged visual design screens, often associated with interactive prototypes…


Planning a trip to South-East Asia’s mesmerizing destinations.

Captured at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

India to Cambodia and Vietnam for ~90,000 INR

If history, tradition and culture excites your spiritual DNAs, you must experience the eternally charming destinations of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia and the grappling ancient, imperial, dynastic, republican eras of Vietnam. May your reason for travel be learning, escaping, relaxing, adventure, celebrating, appreciating life, challenging yourself, expanding your perspective about things in general, either way these countries have a bagful to offer. Nevertheless, it is always important to plan when you have a limitation on time and budget, unless you have set forth on an endless voyage.

1. Days?

No. of days is quite critical while planning because that will help…


It’s time we start addressing accessibility before aesthetics in our design processes to create meaningful products for our diversified societies and cultures. Before diving into the Why, How and What of it, let’s revisit the definitions of these terms to set the context.


As the definition goes, it’s simply the quality of being able to be reached or entered. In terms of Design, it however refers to the characteristic that products, services, and facilities can be independently used by people with a variety of disabilities.


As the definition goes, it’s a branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty…


Seven steps to plan an economic, enthralling, and effective European trip.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

“Euro Trip”, a term often expressed with much zeal and exhilaration by travel enthusiasts across the world, has long been an intrinsic part of everyone’s bucket list. In today’s world, a hefty chunk of our desires and ambitions are driven by internet, digital media, TV advertisements, newspapers, celebrity lifestyles, and we don’t cease to fantasize about all those places and things we are exhibited. One can simply Google search “Euro Trip” and land up on 1000 pages, travel tips, guidance, plans, blogs and a lot of businesses and industries thrive on this trend. …


A Graphical Portrayal

As we progress towards the future, our livelihoods, our surroundings, our beliefs and practices, we, the people, all are changing rapidly today. Like the theory of evolution says, we are all related and will gradually change over time. But what really is defining our evolution has always been an enigma to us. Are we heading into a dystopian or an utopian world; will our technological contributions turn against us; will mankind face an era of existential crisis; are our thoughts and physical beings evolving simultaneously; will we commute to our workplaces a few years down the line? Though these questions…


Figma, the new age interface design platform, appears to be at the epicentre of collaborative design culture. The way its enhancing productivity and efficiency of designers is impeccable and I am realizing its potential over the past one year since I came onboard. While a lot of credit for a seamless performance is bestowed upon its various features, a lot of due credit must also go to the overall User Experience Design (UX) of the product as well. …


The world of UI/UX Design has long been dominated by Sketch as the unanimous leader. Since I haven’t been a MacOS fan, access to Sketch has been a stalemate situation and never the go-to design tool for wire-framing/creating mockups. Like an obvious option, Adobe Illustrator proved to be the readily accessible best alternative in my early days, despite the limitations and difficulties it posed. I was pretty aware of Sketch app’s look and feel through my compatriots, its smooth symbiotic relation with Principle and Zeplin, and everything it could do in the MacOS ecosystem, but had zero hands-on experience. In…


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