Electric Rickshaws

Electric Rickshaws are also known as to-to or tuk-tuk are there in India since 2008 but is has become popular day by day because it has less human effort as compared to pulled rickshaws.They are being used in cities more than cars and taxies because they run on electric charge but the cars and taxies,buses run on petrol/disel etc.This is environment friendly.

The electric rickshaws run on 3 wheelers that are pulled by electric motor ranging from 650–1400 watts.The motors are mostly made in India or China,this electric rikshaws are manufactured by few countries in the world.The electric rickshaw have a maximum speed of 25kmph.In an electric rickshaw without the driver maximum 5 people can travel(2+2 on the back and1 beside the driver).Electric Rickshaw comes in different colour varients and also comes with varios quality material. A person must have a driving license or permit to drive an Electric Rickshaw.An electric rickshaw also has an registration No. plate by R.T.O. with insurance.The electric rickshaw are mainly used in China,India and in Bangladesh.

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