Lesser Sugar means better health and wellness.

By falling prey to diabetes, not only means you might have to give up on some of the most mouth watering food, but the effects are much graver. By being diabetic you become vulnerable to a host of ailments which could be fatal in the long run. However, the good news is that through better life style management you could keep a check on your blood glucose levels. Staying healthy and fit is your discretion now.

Eat less sugar in your food

Experts claim that the right choice of food, food composition per serving and serving size are factors that determine the management of diabetes. They feel that drastic change in dietary habits these days coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is largely responsible for the disease. They say that consuming excess calories often is detrimental to your health. The unused excess calorie which gets accumulated in your body over a period of time gets converted into unwanted fat. Ultimately this results in insulin resistance. Thus you need to choose your food judiciously. As an example, you must choose to have mono unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds instead of the likes of cream and cheese. You must include sprouts, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish and egg-whites in the diet and cut down on consumption of high carb foods. Instead of abstaining totally, as a sweet-lover could limit their sweet intake to twice per week.

We hope that with this information, you will cut down on your intake on sugar. To know more about health and fitness please visit our website.