taylor tinker say my name

January 12th, 2004 12.37pm

Okay so hi, this is my first post. I guess that’s obvious! Happy new year everyone. 2004! My god, how did we get here?

This year my new year’s resolution is to keep this livejournal. Keep the faith people, I know everyone’s using like myspace or whatever these days but I’m keeping it retro. Keeping it livejournal yo.

What do people write about on these things? I’m such a n00b. In case you don’t already know me (in which case why the heck are you reading this journal?How did you find me? Who sent you? Welcome!)… I’m Taylor. I just moved to London with the Boy. We’re living together for the first time which is terrifying and cool and like the moment before you’re strapped into a rollercoaster. I hope we don’t fall out. If we do I suppose we have six other housemates to cushion the drop… oh yes. London + no money = a fridge that you can’t get into and a sink full of mouldering half finished cups of tea. Living the dream 2004 edition. I love it.

Er yeah so anyway. I work for Chestnut Records, you know, that old Chestnut. I’m the office photocopier, tea urn, stapler, printer, carrier, fetcher, anything but the coaster. With quips like that I’m sure I’ll go far. The sky’s the limit unless the glass ceiling gets me first.

Oh… I guess that I did find some things to write about after all! See if I can keep this up. Stay strong true believers, live long and pogo, am I right or am I left?

Peace out

Taylor X

music: Peaches, Fatherfucker

mood: hungover