We are excited to announce that we have closed a $16 million private and restricted token sale. We’re happy to onboard strategic purchasers like Metapurse, Multicoin, Crypto.com Capital, Alameda, Mark Cuban, BITKRAFT, Dapper Labs, and Galaxy Interactive and many others we’ve published below.

We’re sharing thoughts of some of our partners below:

The birth of a new standard for Intelligent and Interactive NFTs

Author: Arif Khan


From the invention of still images to virtual worlds, humankind has progressed in the past two hundred years to create enormously richer, higher fidelity renderings of the world around us and the world that could be. Our capacity as a species to not just consume media, but also create new meaning and myths through media, defines us as Homo Narrans. Meaning-making is not just a function of our humanity, it is an ontological Raison d’être of our humanity. The advent of the internet facilitated the efficient…

Alethea AI users can now sponsor their favorite Synthetic (AI-generated) media creators at no loss.

Welcome to Meme Pools

Meme Pools taps into the potential of human-AI creativity. It combines state-of-the-art algorithms for video and audio manipulation with a novel way of funding high-quality content creation.

Media is becoming composable. Soon you’ll be able to cut, copy and paste faces and voices.

As we move towards allowing anyone to create/edit any digital media with learning algorithms, bearing in mind regulatory protections for Satirical content, we are proud to pioneer this collaborative and decentralized model for synthetic content production!

  1. Meme Pools allow communities to create their own synthetic media, ranging from memes, to videos to audio…

This article was originally published on Coindesk.com on 16 January 2020.

Arif Khan is the CEO of Alethea AI.The opinions here are his own. (This article was originally published on January 16 2020, as part of CoinDesks’ Davos outreach)

Despite its shortcomings, the World Economic Forum has laudably established itself as an important venue for highlighting controversial technology trends that will have broad impacts on our world.

What 2018 and 2019 were to blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the WEF stage (met with a healthy mix of intrigue and skepticism), 2020 will be to synthetic media, also known by the ominous-sounding…

I have had the privilege of being the CMO at the decentralized blockchain-based AI marketplace known as SingularityNET for approximately the past two years. As this tour of duty ends and as I begin my leap into starting my own company (more on that later), I thought I’d share seven lessons I’ve learned managing a performance-driven Marketing and Business Development team.

Lesson One: Understand the Remote-first world

Remote work has taken off as evidenced above, although the number of organizations listed hardly reflects the total number of freelancers working remotely. …

On knowledge marketplaces, decentralized curation and ecosystems to incentivize the discovery and dissemination of knowledge


If we combine all the Wikipedias, there will be 27 billion words, written in 293 languages, spread across over 40 million articles.

By crowdsourcing knowledge and offering it for free over the internet, there is little doubt that Wikipedia has provided immense value to humanity. The project, unlike many others, successfully tapped into the open source spirit of the Web 1.0 and survived the onslaught of the walled gardens that sprung up as the web evolved. …

Blitzscaling An Open Ecosystem: SingularityNET X-Lab Announces Its Shortlist

Announcing the inaugural, promising 8 start-ups for the X-Lab.

Less than a month ago, we announced the launch of SingularityNET X-Lab, a blockchain based AI startup accelerator that would provide technical, financial, and infrastructural support as well as general mentorship to newly formed teams. Along with the announcement, we issued a call to any teams out there innovating in the field of AI and/or blockchain to submit their projects for consideration. The turnout has been incredible.

It has been encouraging to discover that the new generation of shortlisted companies and nonprofits…

TL;DR — Adding a layer of Artificial Intelligence to API-sourced data layers can lead to explosive productivity growth

“Productivity is not everything, but in the long run, it’s almost everything” — Paul Krugman

In the digital world, API-first strategies are essential. With APIs one can exchange and share data seamlessly across different applications. For example, the weather app on your phone may be calling weather data from OpenWeatherMap, and this blog is shared on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram via API-technologies as well.

NOTE: An API — which stands for Application Programing Interface — represents a set of defined…


We’re proud to announce the launch of SingularityNET X-Lab, a blockchain based AI startup accelerator.

After the launch of the SingularityNET Beta earlier this year, it became possible for enterprises to source their AI in a decentralized manner. However, AI is not a traditional software solution that can be easily utilized after being plugged into a system. Integrating AI appropriately often requires talent, training, and resources.

AI talent is rare. A new report by MMC ventures concluded that almost 40% of AI startups in Europe have nothing to do with AI. …

Domino’s Pizza (Malaysia & Singapore) will be leveraging the AGI ecosystem to drive efficiencies in their supply chain and delivery operations

May 1 —

We are pleased to onboard Domino’s Pizza (Malaysia & Singapore) into our SingularityNET partners.

At Domino’s, we combine technology and the talents of our people to provide our customers with the best products and service by driving innovation. This is valuable because it increases efficiency in the markets we serve, and that ultimately creates value for all stakeholders. This has been our mission and we remain fully committed to it. In our efforts to deliver on…

Arif Khan

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