A collection of excellent self-reflection questions

Arik R
Arik R
Nov 8, 2016 · 3 min read

What has happened in your life that you are particularly proud of?

Write out as bullet points all of the events that come to mind.

These can be psychological triumphs, periods of stress that you mastered, and so on.

What three attributes/characteristics are you most proud of yourself for?

List out three times where you have felt most alive in your life so far — what were you doing?

What are three of your fears for yourself? (perhaps things you are worried you won’t accomplish or do or things you are worried that will happen)

What are three of your fears for the world?

How would the 5 people who know you best describe you? What would they say are their three favorite qualities, and their one thing they wished was different?

List out six specific accomplishments or experiences across your entire life that you 1) enjoyed doing and 2) believe you did well (it’s okay if some are the same as the proud events above, and also okay if they are different) [1]

These may be related to work, home, leisure, projects or relationships.

Focus on the highlights in your life, regardless of when they occurred. Perhaps all your memorable experiences occurred before you were twenty years old, or after you were married. You don’t need to “spread them out.”

Identify what was important to you, not what other people might think was important.

Relate specific achievement experiences, not general ones.

Write a short summary statement about each of the six achievements or experiences:

  • How did you get involved?
  • Elaborate on what you actually did.
  • What was particularly enjoyable, fulfilling or satisfying to you?
  • What skills, abilities or talents did you use?

List out 5+ things that you think you should/are supposed to do / be / achieve in life

List out 5+ things you want to do/get/achieve/experience/feel in life

Quote from the book this came from: “To be clear, we’re not talking about something you want because you think it’ll impress people or you’ve been told you should have it, etc. We’re talking about something that MOVES you and stirs your soul!” “And, this is where the “WARNING” comes from. If you take this idea seriously and you’re not on purpose (you know if you are or not), you’re at a crossroads. You can go deep into your soul and begin taking steps that are more resonant with your highest calling. Or not.”

List out 2 ways you can best serve other people in the world.

List out 2 ways you can best help others get the things you listed above that you want. (e.g. if you want $10mm, how could you best help someone else get $10mm)

If a company was created to solve your biggest problem or prevent your biggest fear for yourself/the world, what would it do?

If money was of no concern and you had all the time in the world, list out 2+ things that you would do.

From the above lists, list out 10+ options of things you could do (include things you want to do, things you feel you should do, and so on).

Now eliminate (use the strikethrough tool that comes up when you select text) all of the things that don’t bring you joy.

Now eliminate the things that don’t take care of money.

Now eliminate the things that don’t take care of flow (engages your unique strengths that make time fly when you do them).

Describe one thing you want to achieve.

Now write out a 2x longer sentence/paragraph on what you need to be to achieve that.

Arik R

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Arik R

Believes in and seeks Potential. Asks: “What makes people great? What problems are valuable? What should I/we/you concretely do?”

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