Bulwark from an investors perspective

Hi all, I've decided to write a little about my reasons behind accumulating Bulwark at the current price. Let’s jump right into it.

Above you can see the BWK/BTC chart which has clearly been bearish for a while. The initial pump and dump phase looks a lot similar to every other crypto project out there. After that there was pretty much a range bound phase from March-November where the price generally was between 10–18k Satoshis. After that we had a drop below the support range and is now trading well below at around 4–5k Satoshis. So why buy now?

If you do a general comparison to the market cycle chart and the BWK chart you can certainly recognize that we are in between the Anger and Depression cycle. Below is a zoomed in chart with the current “crash” with a pattern I see as a falling wedge, which in fact is a classic reversal pattern. Ending a bear market requires time and price drop. The Market Cycle chart indicates that we are in fact close in term of time and the below chart of BWK with the falling wedge, and a clear capitulation tells me we might be pretty close in terms of price as well. RSI is also going into oversold territory on the daily chart which confirms we are in oversold conditions.

That was a small technical analyzes of the project. Now let’s look into the fundamentals, which are the most important part long term. Bulwark has been in continuous development since it’s launch, and has closely followed it’s roadmap in it’s first year of existence. Here is a list of achievements:


So what makes Bulwark different?

From a fundamental perspective I’d say that they have one of the strongest teams. Their interaction with the community is on point and they recently launched governance which will help fund upcoming developments. Also if you take a look at their github you can clearly see that they are pushing out a lot of commits.


The strongest part however in my eyes is focus on hardware development. This part diversifies Bulwark from a lot of other projects with a clear vision and something unique. They have previously released the secure home node, being their first hardware to the market. With a lot more coming.

If you would like to learn more about why Bulwark is different, “Kaneo” made a nice post:

What is the team working on?

Furthermore they plan to create other useful hardware as well. Aegis Hardware Wallet in Q1 2019, Secure Home Node 2 in Q2 and the Citadel Home Router in Q3. Roadmap:

Personally I’m looking very much forward to the Aegis Hardware wallet and the Citadel Home Router. Basically the hardware wallet will be good and create some much needed competition in the hardware wallet segment. The Citadel Home Router will give people like myself the opportunity to get privacy in the home network. I’m not the most technical and being able to surf the internet with privacy is something I value and look forward to be able to do. In fact I know a lot of other people like myself waiting for that to launch. Can’t wait!!

Also worth mentioning: They are launching their own exchange called Bastion as well.

Yeah, the fundamentals are strong and increasing while the price is dropping. Doesn’t make any sense? Exactly one of the reasons why I am buying at this price. Also i should mention that Bulwark won the masternodemebro tournament.

How about inflation and circulation?

Inflation is certainly highest the first year, and slow down a lot from there. Meaning we will see less and less Bulwark being produced and that probably will boost the price long term.

Current supply: 15,528,648 BWK

Circulation (1 Year): 14,505,720 BWK

Circulation (5 Years): 27,668,220 BWK

Famous last words

You are not just buying a masternode coin with privacy focus. You are actually buying into a cryptocurrency with hardware developments and a exchange coming shortly. That means they don’t solely rely on the software part, but actually can generate revenue which is extremely rare in this segment. Making me bullish on the fundamentals.

As Warren Buffett would say: “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”. Meaning buy into fear, sell into greed.

Want to talk to me about this article?

Bulwark has one of the best communities with strong moderation. I’m a frequent visitor over there and if you are thinking about investing be sure to check out the Bulwark Discord: https://discord.gg/u9dnYhG. You can talk directly to the dev team who are very active, or others like myself who are true believers and part of the #bulwarkgang.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, just the reasoning behind my thoughts why i am bullish Bulwark. Do your own research.